Under the Ocean Science Lab at the Jewish Children’s Museum @ Jewish Children's Museum
Dec 27 – Dec 31 all-day

Under the Ocean Science Lab at the Jewish Children’s Museum

December 28 – 31, 2020

Step into the Underwater World!

With much research and preparation, the Jewish Children’s Museum is excited to bring our guests deep into the sea, with our new curated STEAM workshop. An extended hands-on workshop, each child will be transported to the deep sea and explore the chemical reaction of water turning into gummy worms!

The Interactive Science Week will transpire December 28 – December 31, at the Jewish Children’s Museum at 792 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NY, 11225 Visit our website,, for more information.

Bloomingdale School of Music Virtual #JUSTFORFUN Vision Board Party @ Online
Jan 28 all-day
Bloomingdale School of Music Virtual #JUSTFORFUN Vision Board Party @ Online

Bloomingdale School of Music Virtual #JUSTFORFUN Vision Board Party

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bloomingdale School of Music presents a virtual Vision Board Party on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 6pm via Zoom. Kick off 2021 by creating your very own vision board and bring positivity to your new year! Grab some magazines and construction paper, or anything you have around the house and join BSM staff for a fun night of crafting and mindful goal setting! The event is free for Bloomingdale students and families, with a suggested donation for all other guests. All are invited to join. To RSVP, visit

Ready to set some intentional resolutions for the new year? Then come join Bloomingdale staff for a night of mindful goal-setting and take time to craft your very own vision board! A vision board is a powerful visual tool to help create daily inspiration and remind you of your passions, dreams, and goals. Magazine clippings, stickers, pictures, quotes, and more can all be used to craft your vision board and help you make the most of the year 2021!

A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to accomplish or acquire. People create vision boards to have a constant reminder of what they are working towards. Unlike an Action Plan, a Vision Board is generally not specific and doesn’t normally focus on the ‘how’. Instead, it focuses on the ‘what’. It is a powerful visual tool that you can use as inspiration for your journey toward the life you want to live. It can help clarify your hopes, dreams, and goals. It is a way to remind yourself of your passion and your purpose. Once the Vision Board is complete, it can serve as a helpful future resource that you can use over and over again to stay on track and motivated.

What You Will Need

A large piece of construction paper or poster board (Don’t have a poster board? An old cork board or regular printer paper works just fine!)
Old magazines, Internet pictures, pamphlets, etc. (Libraries often sell their old magazines for a small fee. Ask the neighbors for old magazines. Use the Internet by searching for a specific type of image or theme. Websites such as or Google Images are great sites to explore.)
Pens, markers, pencils
Glue, tape, or other adhesive
Any other decorating tools you’d like to use such as washi tape, stamps, stickers, found objects, glitter, etc.

Vision board templates can be found at

Discussion Prompts
What are your favorite activities or hobbies?
What makes you happy?
If you could have a dream vacation, where would you like to travel to?
What words inspire you? Do you have any quotes you love?
What is your dream job? What would you like to be when you grow up? What kind of work would you like to do?
What kind of skills would you like to have or new activities would you like to try out?
Which famous people (living or dead) inspire you and why?
What kind of sports would you like to be able to do? How much energy would you like to have?
If you could have a special skill to help people, what skill would it be?
What kind of difference do you want to make in this world?
You can also divide the board into four sections. Here are some ideas for what to include:
Do: What do you want to do this summer? What do you enjoy doing? What would you like to learn to do?
Be: What do you want to be when you grow up? What kind of person do you want to be? (Help them find photos of smiling faces, people helping others, etc.)
Go: Where do you dream of going? Where have you already been? What’s your favorite place to visit? How will you get there?
Love: Who do you love? Family? Pets? What makes you feel loved?

For more information, visit

Founded in 1964, Bloomingdale School of Music is dedicated to the belief that music changes lives and everyone should have access to high-quality music education regardless of economic status, race, religion, ability level, or gender. Bloomingdale is a music-driven community center where all are welcome to join and learn about music from top faculty. We are dedicated to our mission – to make music education accessible to all who want to learn – and remain focused on supporting this mission through our values.

Make a Date on Madison Avenue – Private Shopping Event in February @ Madison Avenue
Feb 8 – Feb 20 all-day

Make a Date on Madison Avenue – Private Shopping Event in February

You Can Now “Make a Date on Madison Avenue” February 8 – 20, 2021

48 Stores Will Open Their Doors Just for You and Yours
Book your sweetheart private shopping appointment for or with your Valentine!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Madison Avenue B.I.D. is organizing Make a Date on Madison Avenue from February 8-20. In the name of love, participating stores are inviting Valentine’s shoppers to book a private shopping appointment at designated hours by registering on

This appointment-only “sweetheart” shopping event will be the ultimate gifting experience. The Valentine’s Day shoppers will have the store all to themselves, or in their private VIP salons, to shop solo or come with their significant others to pick out their gifts in a safe and exclusive environment either before or after Valentine’s Day and to enjoy the white glove service and client pampering found only on Madison Avenue.

Guests can choose from a roster of 48 renowned brands and retailers. Shoppers are encouraged to book early, beginning February 1, as each store sets its own quota of available dates and times.

Participating stores include:
Agent Provocateur
Alexander McQueen
alice + olivia
Arlene Angard Design & Fine Arts
Barton Perreira
De Beers Jewellers
Jenni Kayne
Jimmy Choo
John Lobb
La Ligne
Lafayette 148 New York
Marc Jacobs
Mark Cross
Michael’s Luxury Consignment
Morgenthal Frederics (680 Madison)
Morgenthal Frederics (944 Madison)
Morgenthal Frederics (1155Madison)
Mykita Shop New York – Upper East Side
N. Peal Cashmere
Paul Morelli
Rebecca Taylor
Robert Marc NYC (782 Madison)
Robert Marc NYC (1046 Madison)
Roger Vivier