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About New Yorkled and Photography

About New Yorkled + Photography

Yours truly has been taking photographs of the New York City Metropolitan area for over 15 year as of this writing; or perhaps I should say that it was that much time ago that I’d begun making a greater effort at pursuing it. Of course New Yorkled Magazine had a great deal to do with it as well.
I could say that discovering new locales and rediscovering old ones through the lens has always been a wonderful pastime for me. On many levels that’d be true. Yet there’s always been this one underlying certainty. A truth which applies not merely to myself but as well to so many other photographers. Although it’s not one which would rise to the surface as readily and easily as one might think.
It’s been through the process of self-discovery that I’d stumbled upon the simplest and most resounding of answers: Meditation.
Photography has to be, in my opinion, one of the most meditative hobbies and professions in existence. Going about one’s day and attempting to get the very best photographs one can muster involves a great deal of patience and persistence. Two qualities which work in tandem and even individually towards the development and attainment of peace. A state of mind and ideal highly sought after by the most souls. From the most devout to the most lost; and please don’t mistake my words. One need not be wholly religious for this to apply, nor, for the matter, be consciously seeking this out. I like to think that most folks, consciously speaking, yearn for it and sometimes in life we’ll subconsciously find ourselves in pursuit of journeys leading towards greater peace.
Thus, photography has been not only a journey for me but as well my fellow passenger. At times I’ll look upon my camera as my friend whom I’m taking along on an expedition of discovery, and other times it’s the act of photography itself which I see as my teammate. I’ve no clue how others go about viewing any of this in their daily lives, but that’s how it’s been for myself; and what an adventure it’s been!
Thank you for reading this far…More to come…

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