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Alternate Side Parking to be Suspended from July 27 – August 2

Alternate Side Parking to be Suspended from July 27 – August 2

Alternate Side Parking rules will be suspended for one week starting Monday, July 27 through Sunday, August 2. Parking meters will remain in effect.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning during today’s Press Conference:

“Many, many New Yorkers care deeply about alternate side parking because it affects so many people’s every-day lives. So, first, for next week, alternate side parking will be suspended next week through Sunday, August 2nd. So, no, alternate side parking anywhere next week. But then, after that, starting Monday, August 3rd, we’re going to resume alternate side parking on an ongoing basis. So, we’re going to take another step towards something a little more normal, go back to having alternate side parking on a regular basis. That will go all the way from Monday, August 3rd to Saturday, September 5th – the Saturday right before Labor Day. So, for the whole month of August, and the beginning of September, alternate side, parking back the way it was, but with an important change that we’re now saying, if you’re on one of those streets that has multiple times a week that you have to move your car on your side of the street, we want to address that issue, make it easier for you, make it clear you can only do that one time a week, going forward, and you do that on the last day. We’re going to get a lot more information out. But, again, if you’re on a street that you have to park your car or honor alternate side multiple times during the week on your side of the street, it will be during this period for this next month only once per week and it will be the last day noted on your side of the street. We’ll get a lot more information out on it. And this is – again, why do we do alternate side parking? We do it to be able to clean the curbs, keep our streets clean, keep our sidewalks clean, keep our communities clean. So, we’re going back to it, but we’re going to try and do it in a way that makes sense and makes it easier for the people of this city.”

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