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American Assassin – A Film Review

American Assassin

A Film Review

There’s a new terror fighting hero in town and he goes by the name, Rapp; Mitch Rapp.

Based upon the novel of the same name by Vince Flynn, American Assassin is the sort of blockbusting thrilling ride that one should be looking forward to. We’ve seen it and we’re already looking forward to the sequels. After all, as of this writing, there are 18 novels based upon the character and regardless of what the box office numbers might say, we’ve great hopes there’ll be a follow-up franchise.

Summing it up, the film’s got action galore with the sort of acrobatic performances that’d make members of any circus troupe cry tears. The acting is beyond adequate and there’s nary a contrived inch over the length of its 112 minutes; which by the way felt more like over two hours. Yes, that was a compliment. We believed every scene, every exchange, and every character. It was as close to perfection as I could’ve hoped for.

Admittedly, I was going through my motions in the very beginnings of the movie; as I do with every film that gets my attention. Rapp’s encounter with terror at the start gives way as the perfect plot device through which he becomes a soul obsessed with battling evil. Unfortunately he’s the sort who’s not a team player and believes his own abilities and judgements are superior to those above him in rank. There I was, expecting the run of the mill formulaic plot we’re all so used to. Starring loner fights authority and ends up redeeming himself by saving the world. Well, yeah, it actually does kind of work out that way, but not in the fashion one might think. Hadn’t I mentioned there wasn’t a contrived moment? There wasn’t. It just all works out so damn well! Although, there are those who scream about how clichéd American Assassin is. We don’t care. The action pace is so rapid that one doesn’t have time to pay attention to such things.

Rapp is the sort of action hero we’re in need of. Athletic, super agile, good looking, young and more bad-ass than anyone that’s been on the big screen in some time. The kid puts Bourne to shame; and here’s hoping he’ll be doing so for a very long time to come!

BTW, I’m giving this film a rewatchability factor of 10. I can easily see myself re-watching it again and again and again.

Directed by

Michael Cuesta

Writing Credits (screenplay)

Stephen Schiff

Michael Finch

Edward Zwick

Marshall Herskovitz

Based on the novel by Vince Flynn


Dylan O’Brien :: Mitch Rapp

Charlotte Vega :: Katrina

Christopher Bomford :: Bartender

Chris Webster :: Mansur Recruit Video

Shahid Ahmed :: Adnan Al-Mansur

Buster Reeves :: Martial Arts Instructor

Nick Cavaliere :: Building Superintendent

Simon Connolly :: NSA Techie

Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid :: Khaled (as Yousef Sweid)

Joost Janssen :: American Operator (Mansur Compound)

Adam Collins :: American Operator #2 (Mansur Compound)

Trevor White :: Dr. Frain

Sanaa Lathan :: Irene Kennedy

Jeff Davis :: CIA Officer Giving Nuke Intel (as JF Davis)

David Suchet :: Director Stansfield

Michael Keaton :: Stan Hurley

Michael Wildman :: Orion Instructor

Scott Adkins :: Victor

Joseph Long :: General Rostami

Mohammad Bakri :: Ashani

Navid Negahban :: Minister Behurz

Taylor Kitsch :: Ghost

Gjevat Kelmendi :: Vladik

Damian Dudkiewicz :: Warsaw Cop

Alexis Barron :: Pregnant Woman

Shiva Negar :: Annika

Nej Adamson :: Turkish Operative

Khalid Laith :: Sharif

Aso Sherabayani :: Turkish MP

Tolga Safer :: Kamil, Sharif’s Assistant

Göksun Çam :: Sharif’s Mistress

Jake Mann :: Ben

Alaa Safi :: Javeed

Bruno Bilotta :: Keys

Martina Brusco :: Hotel Concierge

Vladimir Friedman :: Borys Bartosh

Roberto Sgarbi :: Stolen Car Owner

Sydney White :: Emily (Rome Safe House)

Sharif Dorani :: Iranian Nuclear Physicist

Shani Erez :: Female Mossad Agent

Bentley Kalu :: Delta One Lead

Josh Danford :: CIA Officer #3

Ronan Summers :: Office of the Deck

Andrew Pleavin :: Eisenhower Captain

Stephen Shafer :: Blackhawk Pilot

Matt Rippy :: USS Flynn Captain

Adam Robertson :: Damage Control Officer



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