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American Renaissance – Film Review

American Renaissance

As part of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival’s

Shorts Be Yourself: Personal stories about self-identity are the focus of these documentary shorts.

AMERICANRENAISSANCEA wonderfully accomplished 9 minute short documentary, by Ryan Scafuro and Jarred Alterman, sharing with us the story of one of America’s largest Renaissance Faires and its cast of returning characters. The accompanying music is an original score by Tyler & Welsley Powell which goes hand in glove as a soothing period piece to this delightful film. Worthy of note as well would be the editing which in this reviewer’s opinion was flawless. It’s a delightful viewing experience especially if you’ve a soft spot for Renaissance Faires as yours truly does.


Ryan Scafuro and Jarred Alterman are award-winning filmmakers and cinematographers. Alterman’s first feature length doc, Convento (2011), won a special jury prize at IFFB. Scafuro’s film Bending Steel premiered at TFF 2013 and was broadcast nationally on Direct TV.


Director Jarred Alterman, Ryan Scafuro
Screenwriter Jarred Alterman, Ryan Scafuro
Producer Ryan Scafuro
Editor Jarred Alterman
Cinematographer Jarred Alterman, Ryan Scafuro
Composer Tyler Powell, Wesley Powell
Cast Arsene the Clown, Queen Elizabeth, Sean the Fawn, The Faires, Visitors of Sterling Forest, amongst others.



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