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At the Brazil Day Festival 2017 plus photos

At the Brazil Day Festival 2017

At the center of Manhattan

We had the pleasure of strolling through the Brazil Day Festival this third day of September, 2017. An annual affair that’s been taking place in New York City for over 30 years in celebration of Brazil’s independence.

Admittedly, it’d been over 10 years since the last time I’d visited this event. As I recall it was all matter of happenstance and the throngs of folks there that day were innumerable. So thick was that crowd that it literally took me minutes just to cross one street. I can’t recall the time of day back then, but today I arrived at 1:30 pm and the throngs weren’t there as of yet. Of course the dreary weather probably had quite a bit to do with it and well, I did get there relatively early. I imagine, as of this writing in the late afternoon of the same day with the sun having finally shone its face and the temperatures and humidity righting themselves, that there must indeed be large crowds by now. Kinda makes me wish I’d hung around a bit longer, just to be able to see all those many people.

Centered at 46th Street around 5th and 6th avenues, otherwise known as Little Brazil, there were quite a number of cultural food offerings to take in. Yours truly went for the Brazilian chicken croquettes alongside this sweet concoction made of sugar cane juice. The chicken was delish and well, the sweet drink was to my liking; and yup, there was sugar cane galore as you’ll see in one or more of the photos below. At the occasional stand I’d find someone passing the sugar cane through some sort of presser. At one end the whole stalk would enter and a flattened husk would emerge from the other.

In addition there were the many blocks stretching northward along 6th avenue made up of the usual merchandise and food vendors you’ll find at any one of our NYC Street Fairs.. There was, as well, a stage for performers and such. I couldn’t hang around for that but look forward to doing so perhaps next year. All in all, I’m glad I showed up! Thanks go to the organizers for putting together this fest.

Keep in mind, that out of respect to folks’ privacy certain portions of photos are distorted intentionally.

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