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BH Photo SuperStore Announces Store Reopening for July 1, 2020 in NYC

BH Photo NYC SuperStore Announces Store Reopening for July 1, 2020

BH Photo SuperStore, located on 34th Street and 9th Avenue announced today their plans to reopen on July 1, 2020. The store, a local and national favorite for photographic equipment and other related supplies and gear had been only partially open since New York City’s lockdown began in March.

Actually, I’m not sure if there was a time when it was fully closed or not, but I’ve purchased numerous items from them over that time. Each purchase required my picking up the item in-store or having it delivered to my home. I’ve always chosen to do an in-person pickup.

This store would merely be one of the many businesses which have suffered during the COVID-19 Crisis which has had a huge economic impact upon the Big Apple.

The store, which had been around for 47 years, sent out an alert regarding tomorrow’s opening.

It read:

We’re reopening our NYC SuperStore and we want to welcome everyone back to enjoy the full B&H shopping experience. With new safety measures in place to ensure everyone’s continued good health, we hope to see you soon. Thank you for supporting us during these difficult times: we appreciate your business. Please note that we continue to offer online purchasing with store pickup as soon as 30 minutes from order completion.

Here’s a screenshot of the rest of their email alert:

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