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Coronavirus in NYC – Day in Review – March 26, 2020

Coronavirus in NYC – Day in Review – March 26, 2020

The Numbers:

So the numbers for our city today began with 21,873 cases and 281 deaths. As of this evening, deaths have reached 365 and the total cases are over 23,000.

The NYPD has 322 members of the force testing positive for COVID-19.

The Mayor’s Street Pilot Program:

Street closures for pedestrian access have been announced. It would begin tomorrow on Friday, March 27 and run through Monday March 30 and run from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Presumably, any extension in time of their opening would depend upon residents’ behavior and how much they adhere to the mandated rules of social distancing. Much like the announcement made regarding our playgrounds. According to the Mayor we had until Saturday evening before a decision would be made in that regard.

The chosen streets are as follows:

  • Manhattan: Park Ave, between 28th and 34th streets
  • Brooklyn: Bushwick Avenue, Johnson to Flushing
  • Queens: 34th Avenue, 73rd Street to 80th Street
  • Bronx: Grand Concourse, between E. Burnside and 184th Street

Meeting the Medical Supply Demand:

This afternoon, I attended a press conference held by Mayor de Blasio at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. There, we learned about how Duggal Visual Solutions and Bednark Studio got together in a joint effort to mass produce much needed masks for NYC Health Department. They would be producing 120,00 masks by next Tuesday and shipping out 50,000 by Friday.

It’s truly an inspirational story with the Mayor likening the entire thing to a War Time Factory helping to meet the demands of battle. Well, not entirely but visit our related page linked to above and you’ll see his remarks. Regardless, it’ll hopefully inspire our people and perhaps encourage other companies to follow suit. Unfortunately, our president refuses to make full use of the Defense Production Act.

USNS Comfort:

Not scheduled to reach New York City until Monday…supposedly.

Temperatures and Social Distancing:

The weather today was very mild and welcoming. A bit too much so considering how many individuals I saw strolling along the East River. Drove up that way on my way home from Brooklyn. Lots of folks practically on top of each. Still not sure what social distancing is supposed to mean considering how the Mayor’s pleased with what he’s been seeing. Hmmm, have we both been eyeing the same city? People strolling past each other, in close proximity and at times behind each other within much less than six feet, wasn’t exactly what I thought social distancing was supposed to mean. To think that it’ll actually be getting warmer soon.

Beyond NYC:

Italy’s death rate has gone up another tenth of a percentile to 10.1% since last we mentioned.

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