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Covid-19 Photo Journal: Emptiness around the WTC complex in NYC’s Lower Manhattan

On the Heels of Multiple Local and National Emergency Declarations, Lower Manhattan’s WTC Complex Empties Out

On March 13, 2020 the areas around Lower Manhattan’s World Trade Center complex was nearly vacant. This is following the declaration, a day earlier, by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio that the city of New York is under a state of emergency.

All taking place on the heels of the Coronavirus Pandemic  announcement by the World Health Organization on March 11 and the NY State ban of gatherings totaling 500 or more individuals announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo on that same day. Also, this week, would be the European travel ban brought on by President Donald Trump. An item which, of course, would have a serious impact on the numbers of tourists to be seen in our city’s streets.

We’d taken a stroll through the WTC area (including the Oculus transportation hub) and although we weren’t surprised by the low numbers of pedestrians walking about in the area, it was still an eerie experience. Sure, there was the occasional tourist but lower Manhattan was like nothing we’d ever experienced in our city; short of, that is, the days and weeks following 911.

Here on this page we’re sharing several photos taken.

Photo of the sign outside the 911 Memorial Museum

Important Update
Covid-19 Response
In accordance with the guidance provided by our state and local governments regarding large public gatherings in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are temporarily closed.

WTC Falls Cordoned Off

The area surrounding the twin falls (at the footprints of the original WTC Towers are cordoned off. At some points, the closes you can get to the surrounding plaques with the names of 911 victims is perhaps (we estimate) 100 feet or so.

During the lunchtime hour nary a soul to be seen

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