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Covid-19 Photo Journal : NYC Deserted Streets and Locales and some that aren’t.

Covid-19 Photo Journal : NYC Deserted Streets and Locales and some that aren’t.

On Sunday, March 22, 2020 traveled through Manhattan Island in search of people. Rather, as a response to Governor Cuomo’s complaints that people weren’t abiding by his new ‘New York on PAUSE’ sets of rules. He said, basically, that folks weren’t keeping their distance and instead congregating when, of course, they shouldn’t be. Here on this page are photos taken from my travels. Most images will reveal an empty city. But, don’t let them fool you. There WERE spots where individuals were either too crowded to be able to keep their distance or where they were merely outright careless. Please folks, remember, we need to keep out distance. As we progress towards and beyond the first day of Spring, I’m afraid that each of us will come to a point in time wherein we know of someone, directly or indirectly, affected by the Coronavirus. That, in turn, will help us abide by the rules.

The Oculus Transportation Hub at the WTC Complex is empty of people.

A truly rare sight to see these stairs devoid of life.

Outside the Oculus there’s barely a soul

Corner of Vesey and Church Street

42nd Street near the center of Times Square. Happy to see folks aren’t bothering with this area.

The Red Stairs by Patrick Duffy and his Square is closed off.

There is the occasional individual and family all keeping their distance, as well they should.

Facing North not far from 42nd Street’s Bryant Park in Midtown.

Desolate Grand Central Terminal

Exit from Grand Central Terminal. Empty

South East corner of Central Park outside the Helmsley Hotel

Fifth Avenue facing north near the Zoo in Central Park

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