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Crime in NYC during Lockdown for Week Ending April 12: Burglary and Auto Larceny Still Up

Crime in NYC during Lockdown for Week Ending April 12: Burglary and Auto Larceny Still Up

Here we are again reviewing New York City’s crime stats for the week ending April 12, 2020. Now three weeks since NY Governor Cuomo’s ordered lock-down for NYC began, we’re seeing a consistency in one major felony offense: Grand Larceny Auto.

Grand Larceny Auto

For the period from April 6 to April 22 the city witnessed a continued rise in the number of Auto related thefts as they apply to cars, motorcycles, trucks and mopeds. For this latest time span there were 144 thefts which is an increase of 24 over the previous week. Although, when comparing that week’s numbers with the previous year for the same time range we see merely a 48.5% rise. A number that’s nowhere near as large as that of the previous week which came out to a 76.5% rise over the previous year.

There’s continuity in the fact that the numbers have continued to rise over the last three weeks. Yet, one might consider how there was also a rise in last year’s numbers from the last two time periods as well.

Chart below demonstrates the continued growth of Grand Larceny Auto City – Wide

Dramatic Rise in the Bronx and Brooklyn North

In our last posting we showed how there was a dramatic rise in the Queens South section. That number’s now dropped a bit. However, what’s striking is how the Bronx numbers have doubled. A jump 22 incidences to 45 is a big enough leap for the past two weeks.

Brooklyn North’s seen its own doubling. For last two time periods it went from 11 to 25.

In this chart below you can see the great rise that’s taking place in the Bronx and in Brooklyn North

Burglary continues its ascent

For the past three week periods Burglary in NYC has risen not merely on a week to week basis but, as well, in every succeeding percentage-wise comparison with 2019. As demonstrated in the chart below you can see how the comparison with 2019 showed a 2.5% increase. Yet recently, for the week ending on April 12 there was a 37.1% increase over 2019.

We’d expressed concerns over this particular type of crime in our last posting. A closer look this time around reveals that a major portion of the offense committed were for Commercial Properties at night.

The continued rise in Burglary City Wide can clearly be seen in this chart…although it’s nowhere near as dramatic as is the case with Grand Larceny Auto

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