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Drones – Is the Sky the Limit? :: Exhibition at the Intrepid Museum

Drones – Is the Sky the Limit?

Exhibition at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

On display through December 3, 2017

Explore the history of drone technology, from the earliest unmanned flying machines to advanced systems of the 21st century. A variety of drones, historical artifacts, model airplanes and rare videos will be on display. The exhibition will also feature an “immersion” theater where visitors will experience dramatic images captured by the unique cinematographic perspective of the drone.

We had the pleasure of experiencing a sneak preview of this exhibit and below on this page is a small collection of photos taken there.

Information provided was taken from the placards accompanying each respective display.

Gyrodyne QH-50 Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter (DASH)

Drones Exhibition at the Intrepid Museum

“”Amongst the other displays on hand was the Gyrodyne QH-50 Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter (DASH). The DASH completed 43 years of continuous military service. Developed by the Gyrodyne Company in the late 1950, the DASH served at sea on smaller U.S. Navy Ships that were unable to carry piloted aircraft. It was a delivery platform for the Mark 57 nuclear depth bomb, which could neutralize several enemy submarines while U.S. ships remained a safe distance away. From January 1963 to January 1971, the DASH was used for anti-submarine reconnaissance. It carried the Mark 44 torpedo, shown here in the image, and the improved Mark 46 torpedo. Until May of 2006, the DASH was also flown as a target-towing aircraft by U.S. Navy and Army weapons test centers.””

Drones at Your Doorstep

Drones Exhibition at the Intrepid Museum

“”Amazon Prime Air, currently in development, will deliver packages weighing up to five pounds directly to homes and businesses. Model On loan from Amazon Prime Air.””

Lady Gaga’s “flying dress”

Drones Exhibition at the Intrepid Museum

“”The Grandest of Entrances — Lady Gaga’s entrance at her 2013 album release event represented a pioneering moment for drones and the arts. In the vehicle, the passenger has no ability to control the craft, possibly making it the first aircraft capable of carrying a person while piloted exclusively by a remote operator. Battery-powered electric motors drive propellers housed in six shrouds, which are mounted on booms in a hexagonal pattern around a central column. The vehicle has the ability to hover and maneuver three feet above the ground. This “flying dress” was designed by Lady Gaga in collaboration with TechHaus, the technology development division of Haus of Gaga, and Studio XO. Model photographed was on loan from Haus of Gaga.””

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