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Empire Stores Complex Rooftop – Views at Dusk Photos

Empire Stores Complex Rooftop
– Views at Dusk Photos

Image our surprise when we came upon the newly opened stairs, and rooftop(s) at the Empire Stores Complex found at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Albeit a couple weeks after the initial opening and ribbon cutting it was still a wonderful experience to have seen what’d become of what we’d once imagined as a Civil War era dilapidated warehouse. If you’d been in the area years ago then you’d know of that which we speak. Never could you have convinced us that the newly created, restored and renovated spaces we’d encountered there might have come as a result of the two plus years invested in this locale.

With views looking down upon the Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO edifices of the area this setting is a welcomed sight. Although we visited at the beginnings of Dusk and hadn’t had access to all that to be seen; and not that we’re even sure that it’s all even opened to the public as yet, we’re surely looking forward to investigating this further and exploring more at various hours of the day(s). Heck, the photographer in my demands it!

So please have a look at the several photos taken and hold tight for newer ones to come in the days ahead.

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