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Escalating COVID-19 Infection Rates & Clusters Revealed in NYC and Other NY State Areas

Escalating COVID-19 Infection Rates & Clusters Revealed in NYC and Other NY State Areas

NY Governor Cuomo today revealed growing worries over an upsurge of COVID-19 Infections in areas of New York City as well as the Mid Hudson region of the state. The NYC Department of Health would later share updated infection rates from within the city.

The Governor stated that there were 10 zip codes with the greatest percentiles of positive cases.

Following are the statistics released by the Governor:

Mid-Hudson Rockland 10977 30% 209 63
Mid-Hudson Rockland 10952 25% 114 29
Mid-Hudson Orange 10950 22% 73 16
Mid-Hudson Rockland 10901 18% 51 9
NYC Kings 11219 17% 155 26
NYC Kings 11210 11% 148 17
Southern Tier Broome 13905 10% 131 13
NYC Kings 11204 9% 139 13
NYC Kings 11230 9% 269 23
NYC Queens 11367 6% 114 7


The NYC Department of Health released the following in mid afternoon through a tweet:

“”#COVID19 cases continue to grow at an alarming rate in 8 neighborhoods in the city.””

ZIP codes include:

  • 11223: 6.72%
  • 11230: 5.53%
  • 11415: 3.61%
  • 11691: 3.98%
  • 11219: 5.26%
  • 11204: 5.15%
  • 11229: 4.05%
  • 11210: 4.08%

For days now there’s been great concern over these neighborhoods. Until today, they were referenced as the following: Gravesend/Homecrest; Midwood; Edgemere/Far Rockaway; Kew Gardens; Borough Park; Bensonhurst/Mapleton; Gerritsen Beach/Homecrest/Sheepshead Bay; Flatlands/Midwood; Williamsburg.

“We’re also seeing in these numbers significant increases in localized clusters from Brooklyn, Orange and Rockland counties and the Southern Tier,” said the Governor. “We have specific zip codes in Brooklyn that we’re going to be looking at because it’s very localized and our health officials are going to be reaching out to those Brooklyn communities, and in Orange and Rockland communities today to do additional testing and compliance measures in those areas.”

Twitter Post from the NYC Department of Health:


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