A Divergent from the Magnetism of Whiteness: Dealing with the Hungry Ghost

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    April 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – May 2, 2021 @ 6:00 pm
    Flux Factory
    39-31 29th St
    Long Island City
    NY 11101
    Su Myat Maung Maung

    A Divergent from the Magnetism of Whiteness: Dealing with the Hungry Ghost

    Pop-Up Exhibition – April 29 – May 2⁣

    Curated by Denae Howard ⁣

    Garden Reception ⁣
    April 30, 3 – 7PM EST⁣
    RSVP VIA LINK: https://withfriends.co/event/10548521/a_divergent_from_the_magnetism_of_whiteness_dealing_with_the_hungry_ghost_garden_reception

    Open Hours:⁣
    Saturday & Sunday, May 1 & 2, 1 – 6pm EST ⁣

    Divergent – moving or extending in a different direction from each other. ⁣

    Investigating divergent evolution and the collective subconscious of black artists. Tying strands of humanistic theory while contending with an imagined post capitalistic society.⁣

    “Only within the open space created by dialogue whether conducted with our neighbours, with history with nature or the cosmos, can human wholeness be sustained. We are not born human in any but biological sense, we can only learn to know ourselves and others and thus be trained in the ways of being human. We do this by immersion in the ocean of language and dialogue fed by the springs of cultural tradition” – Buddhism Day by Day: Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda.⁣

    Moving away from the norms of traditional communication and responding to the follies of society at large as we manifest new & erase old and now foreign traditions. (Ie: wearing covid masks and adopting body cams – while arguing over Kim K’s choice to wear cornrows and her and white magazines identify them as boxer braids) ⁣

    This show is a conversation between black artists establishing self identity in the crux of the absolutisms associated with Blackness while defying the devices nature of the white gaze. ⁣

    A Divergent from the Magnetism of Whiteness: Dealing with the Hungry Ghost is supported by the Flux Factory Rhizome Project. The Rhizome Project is a commitment to give intentional space to Black voices, and provide a platform for Black narratives by offering the support needed to help these narratives thrive and evolve.⁣

    Participating Artists:
    Ajani Russell, ArtSchoolScammer, Inez the Sun, Kesiena Onosigno, MarqBentley, Mikey Burns, and Woki Massaquoi