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Find out how Adventure and Fun awaits you aboard the W.O. Decker Tugboat

Photo taken during our ride aboard the W.O. Decker Tugboat in NYC

We found out how Adventure and Fun awaited us aboard the W.O. Decker Tugboat

On July 25, 2019 I had the chance to ride aboard the W.O. Decker Tugboat through New York Harbor for about an hour and it ended up being the ride of a lifetime. I’d say it was comparable to getting an extended stay on one’s favorite amusement park ride…and then some! Hmmmm, more like one’s favorite roller coaster? Guess it depends on how you spend your time on board. Yours truly couldn’t help darting back and forth from bow to stern trying to get the very best perspectives for video and photos; and gotta say, what a kick it was! You’ve the choice of sitting put, relaxing and enjoying the ride or walking about and braving the unsteady travel…not that you’d get very far walking-wise mind you. It’s a small craft, but a powerful one.
We had the good fortune of gorgeous weather on our day of travel and, with that, a sun shining upon all the sights to be seen; from Lower Manhattan’s WTC and other surrounding skyscrapers to Governors Island and Lady Liberty in the distance. For the price they charge you get an awful lot. Not to mention how you’ll also get admission to the South Street Seaport Museum as well.
Built in 1930, the W.O. Decker’s a 52 foot vessel with 175 horsepower and takes off the South Street Seaport area of Lower Manhattan at Pier 16.

For tickets, visit this official page here…

Also, have a look at a video we’d put together from my tour aboard this beautiful vessel:

As mentioned on our related page:
“”W.O. Decker, the last surviving, New York built, wooden steam tugboat (later refit with a diesel engine.), was built in 1930 by the Newtown Creek Towing Company and originally named Russell I, after the towing company’s owners. She was renamed W.O. Decker in 1946 after being sold to the Decker family’s Staten Island tugboat firm. The tugboat was donated to the Seaport Museum in 1986 and was refit with a diesel engine. Decker is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an exemplary model of the types of steam tugs that were once an abundant sight in New York Harbor. This unique vessel is a true testament to New York City’s maritime heritage, which is a direct factor in the city’s global prominence today.””

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