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Five Deaths From Coronavirus Thus Far…

Mayor Bill de Blasio goes over the five deaths from Coronavirus during Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness Press Conference at City Hall

On March 15, 2020 at City Hall, NYC Mayor de Blasio shared with us the facts concerning the five recent local deaths related to the Coronavirus Pandemic which has only just begun hitting the city of New York.

Amongst the victims was the previously reported first death of a woman, aged 82, who passed away on Friday, March 13. Following that first death were four additional passings: A 79 year old women; a 78 year old man; a 56 year old man; and a 53 year old woman.

Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“So, I’m going to give you some other updates and then we’ll turn to the Chancellor, but to say the least, this is a very troubling moment. A moment where I am just distraught having to take this action. But I became convinced over the course of today there was no other choice. And now I’ll tell you the overall numbers of cases and I think it makes part of the argument clearer.”

“Number of cases is obviously moving rapidly. Confirmed cases at this hour and that could change literally in a matter of hours, from New York City, we now have a number of confirmed cases for coronavirus of 329. And I’ll remind you when we started this week with several dozen cases, we’re now at 329.”

“A borough breakdown from numbers earlier in the day. They will not add up to 329 but it’ll give you a flavor of the breakdown. 78 cases in Queens, 72 cases in Manhattan, 53 cases in Brooklyn, 21 cases in the Bronx and 16 cases in Staten Island. Yes, indeed. 78 cases in Queens, 72 cases in Manhattan, 53 cases in Brooklyn, 21 cases in the Bronx, 16 cases in Staten Island – that is ever changing. One of the worst things I have to tell you now is we are now at five total deaths in New York City. Again, it’s recently as Friday afternoon. There were none. It’s now five. You all know about the 82-year-old woman from Brooklyn who suffered from emphysema then was hospitalized related to coronavirus. We lost her. Now four more deaths reported related to coronavirus, a 79-year-old woman who did have preexisting conditions of heart failure and lung disease, a 78-year-old man who had multiple preexisting conditions, a 56-year-old man who had diabetes and a 53-year-old woman who had diabetes and heart disease. We feel horrible for these families. We grieve with them, they’re in our thoughts and prayers and it is a reminder to everyone of how vulnerable that part of our population is that is older and has those preexisting conditions, we must protect them. Another reminder, anyone in your life who meets that standard, we have to isolate them from anyone who might be sick, even if it’s their loved ones.”

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