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Fun things to look forward to in NYC for September, 2017

A List of Special Events taking place in New York City in the month of September, 2017

Well, Labor Day weekend is just about over and one would be mistaken if they were to think it as the end of everything fun in New York City; what with our nearing the end of the Summer season. In fact, it’s just the beginning. September’s always been one of my favorite months of the year. Not just because of the random crisp weather day that usually comes with it, but as well for all the many autumn-welcoming events taking place in and around town.

All the typical weekend fairs will still be going on but amidst them all will be a number of special ones that’ve been going on for years.

On Sunday September 10 the West Side County Fair will be going on within Riverside Park South while the Ferragosto Festival will be happening in the Bronx.

Several days later we’ll be welcoming the beginning of the grand San Gennaro Feast in New York City’s Little Italy which’ll be stretching out from the 14th of September until the 24th. It’s an event we’ve happily revisited repeatedly over the years. Not just for the food but also for the entertainment.

IdeasCity New York will return on September 16 at Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

The following weekend there’ll be plenty going on: The Annual London Terrace Street Fair on 23rd Street; the Annual Breukelen Country Fair at the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum in Brooklyn; and the Annual Queens County Fair will all be occurring on September 23 with the highly anticipated Atlantic Antic™ taking place on the very next day in Brooklyn. One of the numerous features of that particular festival would be the Annual Bus Festival. Not to be left out, Staten Island will be having its 2nd Annual Lighthouse Point Festival for all to enjoy on that very same day. As mentioned, this is all on top of the many other street fairs scheduled for the month.

Last but not least will be one of our favorite parades of all. Of course there are plenty of other big ones going on throughout the year, and surely there’ll be other parades taking place this month, but the one we’re looking forward to is the Steuben Day Parade taking place along 5th avenue on the upper east side of Manhattan. We’ll be attending for the sake of getting photos and enjoying all the culture!

I’m hoping you and yours will be able to take part in any one or more of these listed items. In less than a month from the time of this writing there’ll be list for October and as I said, the fun is only beginning!

Be sure to visit the Calendar Page as well as the Street Fairs page to stay abreast of all that’s going on. Thanks and be well!

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