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Genius – A National Geographic Series / Biopic about Albert Einstein

Genius – A National Geographic Series / Biopic about Albert Einstein

First Episode Review

If the premiere episode of National Geographic’s Genius is a sign of what’s to come then they’ve got a winner on their hands. Although being a winner doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will be tuning in; since after all a historical drama about a famous scientist may not be everybody’s cup of tea, even if he happens to be one of the most influential Americans of all time. That American would of course be Albert Einstein.

Based upon the biography of Albert Einstein: ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe’ by Walter Isaacson this 11 part series takes us into the world of this 20th Century genius with a flair of brilliance. I can say that I’m already hooked after watching the first episode not once but twice. With that in mind perhaps the only direction it can take is down, but we’ll see about that with the ensuing installments.

With Geoffrey Rush as the mature Einstein and Johnny Flynn as the man during his schoolboy years his story is demonstrated for us as it jumps back and forth from 1890s Europe to more location-specific 1920s Germany; and what a fine job both actors do in bringing us into this world.

This first entry has all I could ever ask for. Great direction, dialogue, musical pieces and settings. Everything works charmingly well. So enamored was I with it that I felt disappointed when the episode came to its end. Managed to talk someone with similar tastes into watching it with me; a re-watching I myself enjoyed thoroughly.

Ron Howard executive produced the series and directed part 1. I can only hope the rest of this biopic lives up to my expectations. Head on over to the official page here to learn more the show at National Geographic’s site.

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