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Governor Cuomo, is Your SLA and NYS Police Taskforce Issuing or Prepared to Issue Civil Fines in NYC?

Train of Thought:

The Governor today spoke of Civil Fines as they pertained to behavior taking place in Long Island’s Southampton. That is, non-compliance with COVID-19 related rules. He was not clear about what activity he was referring to. In weeks past, he’s constantly complained about local government and police forces not doing their jobs to curtail non-compliance.

His executive order from April 7 dictated that fines could be issued for non-adherence up to an amount of $1,000. We’ve written about how NYC Mayor is reluctant to follow through with anything like this…’although he has stated that it would be done if need be.

We found it interesting for the Governor to bring up Civil Fines today. Thus, we wonder if his Task Force, made up of the New York State Police and the State Liquor Authority, would go as far or HAVE already gone as far as issuing civil fines to individuals.

Governor Cuomo Speaking today during his tele-conference for the Press:

“In terms of enforcement, I once again appeal to the local governments to do their job. This has been their prime function all through this COVID crisis. Their prime function has been to ensure compliance with the rules that we know are working. Our economy is reopening, the infection rate has stayed down because we have done compliance, if we have not done compliance, if we get lazy, if we get sloppy, you will see those numbers go up – I need the local governments to do their job. The state government cannot substitute for every local government’s enforcement role – we just don’t have enough resources on the state side. I need the NYPD to do a better job in New York City.”

“There have also been reports that we have been receiving about behavior in the village of Southampton that has been ongoing and recurring that also violates the public health regulations. The village of Southampton is located within the town of Southampton and both the town in the village leadership will be involved in that inquiry. So that is ongoing and has been used by the Department of Health. Violation of the public health law has civil fines and a potential for criminal liability so we’re taking that very seriously. “

“At the same time the State Liquor Authority has sped up its enforcement efforts. We teamed them with the New York state police that has been going on for about the past two weeks, the more intensive effort. Last night they visited 644 establishments across New York City and Long Island and an additional 26 violations were found and were issued, and that will continue. The 26 last night were from Manhattan primarily, 17 in Queens county – my home County – 9, so again when we talk about local compliance efforts and local government efforts, obviously we have more to do there.”

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