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Governor Cuomo: New York’s Infection Rate is the Lowest in the Country

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Proudly Declares New York’s Infection Rate as the Lowest in the Country

During his press briefing today, in New York City, Governor Cuomo stated that the state’s infection rate is the lowest in the country. He also stated that the positivity rate yesterday was at the lowest (0.7 percent) since the COVID-19 crisis first began.

The Governor has often proudly spoken of New York State and City’s accomplishment in battling back the Coronavirus pandemic after having been the world’s epicenter of the disease. Yet, he’s always spoken with caution knowing how easy we could succumb to that which New York has already suffered through.

He would go on to congratulate New Yorkers for the all the work that’s been done.

Following the video below is the accompanying transcript, all furnished by the Office of the Governor of the State of New York.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“Right now, New York has one of the lowest infection rates in the country. Our infection rate, positivity rate yesterday was .7 percent. That is the lowest it has been since this began. So that is really great news. You can see the curve that we talk about, flattening of the curve, reducing the curve and flattening of the curve. That is just a beautiful image to me. Art is in the eyes of the beholder, to me that is beauty. Look at that slope.

Right now, we are averaging 1 percent or under since June. That is exactly where we want to be. Remember we said, we were told by the experts, quote unquote experts, that once we started reopening the infection rate would go up. We said well maybe if we were very careful and we do it right and it’s phased, that we can avoid that. And we avoided it. So that’s great news.

The hospitalizations are at 534. Up a tick, but basically flat. ICU patients 133, basically flat. Intubations flat. Number of lives lost, 6, which is the same and again those families are in our thoughts and prayers.

The 3-day average is just about the same also. But look at where we were at the peak, 763 deaths. When you look across the regions, they’re all basically consistent. When you look at the boroughs across Manhattan they’re all basically consistent. On all the numbers, it’s good news.

Again, congratulations to New Yorkers. They did what people said couldn’t be done. There was no way that we could reduce the rate of the infection and we were going to over burden our hospital system and our hospital system was going to collapse because we wouldn’t be able to handle it. New Yorkers did it. New Yorkers did what they said couldn’t be done because that’s what New Yorkers do.”

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