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Governor Cuomo on COVID-19: “You Will See a Tremendous Spike After Thanksgiving.”

Governor Cuomo Today on COVID-19: “You Will See a Tremendous Spike After Thanksgiving.”

Lately, NY Governor Cuomo has been repeating his concerns over the Thanksgiving Holiday’s effect on the spread of COVID-19 due to expected family gatherings.

The Governor has time and again pleaded with New Yorkers not to travel for the holidays and to abstain from large gatherings, especially those taking place indoors.

“Thanksgiving is coming up. Here’s my next personal opinion and theory: you will see a tremendous spike after Thanksgiving,” said Mr. Cuomo. “A tremendous spike after Thanksgiving. No scientific data, no health commissioner said that – that’s my personal theory. Why? Because Thanksgiving is a holiday and people come together and if you don’t have a real fear about COVID you’re going to come together, and you see people saying, ‘nobody’s going to stop me from coming together. That’s my family, you can’t tell me don’t socialize with my family.’ “

“It’s counterintuitive. What I thought was the safest place and the safest situation, in my home at my table, with my family, it can’t be any safer than that – that’s a dangerous situation.”

On November 11, a new Coronavirus mandate was issued stating that indoor and outdoor gatherings at private residences were to not go beyond 10 participating individuals.

He had similar words to say on November 1:

“I think you’re going to see the number increase even more after Thanksgiving and it’s going to be coming into December when you run into the Flu season etcetera and I think we have to double down on the precautions even though it is Thanksgiving.”

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