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Governor Cuomo: State Police, Dept of Health & Liquor Authority Monitors to Examine NYC First Hand

Governor Cuomo: State Police, Dept of Health and Liquor Authority Monitors Will be Examining NYC First Hand

During a talk on NY1 News this morning, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo had the following to say:

“In NYC, we have a compliance issue, and it’s real. You look at people on the sidewalks, you look at people by bars, you’re seeing the kind of congregation that we were so good at preventing for so long, and I’m going to have another message for the people of NYC specifically. Don’t forget the discipline. Don’t forget the masks. Don’t forget the social distancing.

Tonight, we’re going to have state police, we’re going to have department of health monitors, we’re going to have liquor authority monitors – but they’re going to be looking all throughout the city to see if New Yorkers are complying – and I’ve said to local governments – they have to enforce, they have to enforce the compliance – I don’t want to be hard-edged, but it’s the law. I need the local governments to do the compliance.

I’m trying to gauge how bad the non-compliance is. There’ve been non-compliances continuing. Then we have to think about what we do on Phase 3 which NYC is supposed to enter on Monday. If we only have a compliance issue then opening up venues that will only further aggravate that issue would be a mistake.

So, we’re going to move to phase 3. I feel good about that. We have a question on indoor dining. If you already have a problem that you can’t control where you’re out of compliance with bars and sidewalks and groups drinking outside then it doesn’t make sense to open indoor dining.

… Indoor dining across the country has shown to be problematic …

Tonight, we’re going to be monitoring what’s happening with the compliance. I want to make the final decision tomorrow on the indoor dining because I want restaurants to have notice one way or the other – and I want to get a snapshot of tonight – what’s happening – so I make an informed decision tomorrow.”

The above statement comes after what the Governors said about non-compliance in NYC, during yesterday’s briefing:

” … there’s a lack of compliance with social distancing in New York City. You can see it in pictures. You can see it if you walk down the street. You can see the crowds in front of bars. You can see the crowds on street corners. It is undeniable. That is partially the responsibility of citizens not to do it. It’s also the responsibility of the local governments to enforce compliance. We ask everyone to comply, but we ask the local governments to enforce the compliance. I’ve said from the very outset of this to all the county executives, all the mayors across the state, look, the state is more than doing it’s part. The responsibility for the local governments: help with testing, help with tracing but do the local compliance of the socially distance and mask wearing. That is a complication in New York City. “

Here is the full audio of the Governor’s appearance on NY1 News:

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