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Governor Cuomo: “There Would be Anarchy if They Stole the Election”

Governor Cuomo Says There would be Anarchy if the Election was Stolen

The Governor of New York State had an interview with Alan Chartock of WAMC Northeast Public Radio today. The two had an interesting and, at times, amusing conversation.

Full audio of the interview is provided here below:

At one point, Governor Cuomo’s chat with Mr. Chartock ventured into election territory.

Upon speaking about the rush to get Judge Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court the talk touched upon that which is on the minds of millions of Americans. That is, the election and the possibility of the results reaching the highest court in the land should the results be contested as they there were in 2000.

“I believe he thinks he’s going to lose the election. He is a litigious fellow as we all know – he’s sued everyone for everything. He loves to sue. He did it as a businessman. He’s infamous for it,” said the Governor.

“He’s going to come up with multiple grounds of fraud. He’s going to try to get to the Supreme Court. Try to do a Bush v. Gore. Yes, that’s his plan.””

Mr. Chartock asked what if the newest member (Barrett) and the other republican justices voted in Trump’s favor. What would be done next?

“There would be anarchy if they stole the election. There would be anarchy and this nation would suffer in a way it’s never suffered and there’d be tremendous damage,” responded Mr. Cuomo. “I believe that Biden is going to win by such a large margin that the Supreme Court, even if they wanted to fix the election wouldn’t do it with a straight face test. “

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