Wednesday, December 7

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Day One Hudson Yards Opening Day Photos

View this newly added Gallery featuring photos taken on Day One of the Hudson Yards Opening. A few quickie videos to be added as well…as well as many other photos to be taken in the days to come.

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Hudson Yards Info, Events, Photos News & More

After years of planning and construction, Hudson Yards’ unveiling is upon us. We write this with high anticipation as the grand opening is merely days away. We’ve been passing through the area often enough, over the past weeks and months, hoping to catch a better glimpse of the Vessel, the shed or any of the other new structures and buildings. With all the barriers, scaffolding and fencing there’s only so much one’s able to see. Regardless, I think we’ve seen enough to be able to say that on March 15, 2019, when quite a bit of it is open to the public, the aesthetics of the area won’t be as pleasing as one might hope. Of course, with the coming Spring and blooming of trees along with the completion of more and more of the work being done things should brighten up…we hope!

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The Vessel

One of the main attractions to be open for access to the public on March 15, 2019, aside from the shops, restaurants and all else would be the $200 million Vessel outdoor structure named, the Vessel. Featuring 80 landings, 2,500 steps and over 150 flights of stairs this item can be climbed for free through a ticketing system. Tickets for which you’ll need to access the official site’s page. We’ve already booked our share and will be reporting back with plenty of photos and a tale of our experience.

Should be quite the experience for those shutterbugs amongst us. Although, I imagine one can probably get close enough to snap some shots up close, of course it won’t be the same as actually ascending the structure first hand.

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More and more to be added on this page

Plus, view a photo collection below

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Additional Photos to come as we add to our image collection.

Some below come courtesy of the folks at Hudson Yards