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IMAX at the American Museum of Natural History : Mysteries of the Unseen World

IMAX at the American Museum of Natural History

Mysteries of the Unseen World

Opens Friday, January 10, 2014

Museum-of-Natural-History-LogoShowtimes daily

Location: LeFrak IMAX Theater

Tickets: General Admission Plus One tickets include admission to the Museum and Rose Center for Earth and Space plus one special exhibition, IMAX film, or Space Show:

Adults: $27

Children (2-12): $16

Seniors/Students with ID: $22

Member tickets are $13.50 adults; $8.50 children. Free for Voyager-level Members and above.

More Information:

2D film showings: 10:30 am; 12:30 pm; 2:30 pm; and 4:30 pm

3D digital showings: 11:30 am; 1:30 pm; and 3:30 pm

Aphid (Mysteries of the Unseen World)


Mysteries of the Unseen World will transport audiences to places on this planet that they have never been before, to see things that are beyond their normal vision, yet literally right in front of their eyes.

Mysteries of the Unseen World will be shown in 3D digital and 2D film. (See “More Information” at right for showtimes.)

The film will reveal phenomena that can’t be seen with the naked eye, taking audiences into earthly worlds secreted away in different dimensions of time and scale.

• Viewers will experience events that unfold too slowly for human perception;

• They will “see” the beauty, drama, and even humor of phenomena of that occur in the flash of a microsecond;

• They will enter the microscopic world that was once reserved only for scientists, but that Mysteries of the Unseen World makes accessible to the rest of us;

• They will begin to understand that what we actually see is only a fraction of what there is to see on this Earth.

High-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology are just a few of the advancements in science that now allow us to see a whole new universe of things, events, creatures, and processes we never even knew existed and now give us new “super powers” to see beyond what is in front of us.

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