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In New York: Record Number of COVID-19 Tests Follows Recent Record Deaths

NY: Record Number of COVID-19 Tests Follows Recent Record Deaths

NY Governor Cuomo reported that the state reached a record high number of Coronavirus tests administered for yesterday – which follows the record high number of virus related deaths since spring of this year.

324,671 viral tests were reported given to New Yorkers yesterday. The prior day, 202 souls had passed due to COVID-19 – the highest number of Coronavirus related deaths in months.

Hospitalizations for the virus appear to be leveling off somewhat over the past week. Below you’ll find charts demonstrating that through the use of various time-ranges.

“The positivity rate will change when communities decide it will change. It’s still purely a function of how a community acts and there’s still personal responsibility. We talked about what would happen with COVID spread through the holiday season, and much of the diagnosis came true,” Governor Cuomo said. “We said that you were going to see the holiday season increase social activity, and I reminded New Yorkers every day to celebrate smart. People said that it was the holiday season and they wanted to celebrate, but if you don’t celebrate smart, we’ll see an increase in the COVID transmission rate. And we saw an increase in the COVID transmission rate. Over Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, we shot up like a rocket. After New Year’s Day, it started to flatten because the increase in social activity started to flatten. And now, we’re starting to see a drop post-New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And that is good news. We’d rather not have seen the increase, but I believe the increase would have been worse if we weren’t smart and disciplined during the holidays.”

Below the following chart for daily COVID-19 related deaths in NYS you’ll find a few charts illustrating the daily number of virus related hospitalizations – each depicting the progression in different ways.

Following chart illustrates the daily number of Coronavirus hospitalizations in NYS from September 19, 2020 (when the rise began) to the latest available date of January 15, 2021:

This chart shows the same numbers ranged from December 1, 2020 to the latest date for which full data is available:

The leveling off of hospitalizations can be better seen through this chart which ranges from the beginning of this month of January 2021:

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