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Indoor Dining at NYC Restaurants to Resume on Valentine’s Day at 25% Capacity says Governor Cuomo

Indoor Dining at NYC Restaurants to Resume on Valentine’s Day at 25% Capacity says Governor Cuomo

During his press conference today, New York Governor Cuomo said that NYC restaurants’ indoor dining can resume at 25% capacity beginning on Valentine’s Day as long as our improved health indicators continue unchanged.

Such dining in the city had come to halt weeks ago due to the increasing COVID-19 related hospitalizations and weekly positivity rate averages.

Early this week during a press briefing, the Governor greeted both reporters and New Yorkers with the news that such indicators were greatly improving. When questioned about indoor dining, he said such an update would come at the end of this week.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace he stated: “The hospitalization rate is coming down so we’re going to be opening up more economic activity. The restaurants in New York City we’re still watching but the numbers are all good and are all trending good.”

Mr. Cuomo today:

“The restaurant industry is the lifeblood of New York City and the economic hardship they have endured at the hands of COVID is nothing short of tragic. Thankfully, if our current trajectory holds, we will be able to reopen New York City dining at 25 percent capacity on Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t only give us more time to stamp out the virus even further, but also gives restaurants ample notice to begin preparing for a reopening.”

As per an official press release from the Governor’s office, reopening of restaurants would be subject to strict state guidance which features some of the following wording:

“”This guidance will apply to indoor food service and dining in restaurants, establishments and other food vendors and concessions in New York City. Once effective, food services establishments in New York City may open indoor spaces with seating for customers in accordance with this guidance; however, indoor bar service must remain closed at this time (i.e., no seating or service at the bar, all alcoholic beverages must be served to the table), and indoor food and beverage service shall not be permitted between midnight (12:00AM) local time and 5:00AM, as detailed below. All service must cease at midnight (12:00AM) and cannot resume until 5:00AM. As announced, the City of New York will establish and deploy a team of 400 enforcement personnel to ensure businesses that offer indoor food services and dining in New York City comply with the State issued requirements contained herein. Any individual who observes a violation of this guidance should report such violation by calling 1-833-208-4160.””

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