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Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on the Way? Where’s it Coming From?

Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on the Way? Where’s it Coming From?

Previous year’s tree being erected

Word has it that this year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is coming from the town of Oneonta, (in Otsego, New York) Yet, neither the PR firm representing Rockefeller Center nor the official site itself has anything to say on the subject.

An article in AllOtsego, which shares the big reveal, mentions how the tree (at a supposed 100 feet in height?) belongs to Allen Dick (otherwise known as “Daddy Al”).

We reached out to this person and his response? “I unfortunately have no comment on that right now.” Asked if it’s because he wasn’t allowed to speak of it. “I just cannot talk about that right now.”

Other news outlets in the area have posted on the subject as well.

The last tree to come from that town was cut down in 2016 and transported to Midtown Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center Plaza for the sake of being erected and decorated for the grand holiday countdown.

From our Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Page:

Here’s a 2004 photo of the tree at Rockefeller Center on the evening following the grand lighting in NYC.

2016’s Christmas Tree came from Oneonta, New York. It was cut down on November 10 and arrived in midtown Manhattan on November 12. According to the Daily Star News which hails from the local area the giant Spruce came to us from Angie and Graig Eichler’s backyard along Country Club Road.

Although the official site hasn’t posted a date yet, it’s likely this year’s Christmas Tree lighting will be taking place on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. The Wednesday following Thanksgiving is usually reserved for this event – a tradition that been taking place for nearly 90 years.

Mayor de Blasio had spoken of such NYC holiday traditions and how everything will be taking place but in a different way on a much toned down level. What that means for Rockefeller remains to be seen.

Mind you, we’ve been down that way yearly in the days leading to Christmas Day and the week thereafter. It’s always been insanely busy with pedestrians, onlookers and tourists.

With the COVID-19 crisis still a major concern, it’s not known how the city and all others involved would go about containing the expected flow of spectators during the holiday season.

The world famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

Despite the usual throngs of tourists from distant places not being an issue, there’s still the many New Yorkers and folks from nearby cities to be concerned about. Recent protests, rallies and even post election celebrations have shown how NYC’s streets can be flooded with folks.

A thought does cross our minds. Maybe, just maybe, the tree won’t even be in Rockefeller this year? Who knows. Maybe they’ll relocate it to some other location within the city. Maybe, there’ll be numerous trees. Who knows?

We’ll be keeping tabs on this and following up under a different posting when we’ve new information.

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