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Japan’s New Low for Daily COVID-19 Cases – Still on Track to Double for the Month

Japan’s new low for daily COVID-19 Cases – Still on track to double for the month.

On August 24, Japan reached its lowest daily number of new COVID-19 cases since late July.

Yesterday, the country’s number of newly reported Coronavirus cases was at 760 according to WHO (World Health Organization).

On July 27, their daily number was at a low of 607. That day and the one prior were a momentary drop in a surge Japan was experiencing.

This rise which, began in late June, stretched up beyond the 900s and 1000s. Concerns over these statistics caused a number of prefectures to declare states of emergency.

Early this month, I predicted that the country was on track to doubling their numbers for the month. It appears I may have been right with that forecast.

Their cumulative numbers doubled in the month of July.

On July 31, the total number of cases was at 34,372. As of August 24, the total was at 62,507. With six days left in the month it’s highly likely that the total at month’s end will double – or at least come very close to doing so.

On the brighter side, their seven day moving average has continually declined. The highest for that measurement was at 1,442 on August 7. On August 24 it was at a low of 977.

The below chart illustrates Japan’s 7 day moving average. It comes courtesy of WHO.

7 Day Average of COVID-19 Cases in Japan. Courtesy of WHO

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