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Lowest # of COVID-19 Related Deaths in New York State says Governor Cuomo

Only One COVID-19 Related Death Took Place Yesterday in New York State – Lowest Yet!

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced that only one New Yorker passed away due to COVID-19.

It would be the lowest death since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“I once again want to thank all New Yorkers for their extraordinary efforts. The spirit of community, the spirit of unity and the efforts they’re making have literally saved thousands of lives. So the health that you’re protecting is not just yours and your family’s, but that of all New Yorkers,” said the Governor. “And it’s not just a question of rhetoric—it’s reality. Only one New Yorker passed away, and we won’t stop until that number is zero. But when you look at what’s going on around the country and what’s going on around the world, it’s a really extraordinary accomplishment that New Yorkers have achieved and I congratulate them.”

In addition, the Governor announced that 0.98% of the tests conducted yesterday were positive for COVID-19.

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