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Maya Wiley Announces Candidacy for Mayor of New York City + Video

Maya Wiley Announces Candidacy for Mayor of New York City 

Yours truly had the fine chance to attend today’s announcement. By the steps of the Brooklyn Museum we all gathered to hear local leaders speak fondly of Mrs. Wiley’s abilities, accomplishments and potential for leading the City of New York. They would introduce her and she would speak eloquently about our city, her love for it and what’s needed to help it out of the mess it’s found itself in due to the COVID-19 crisis. A catastrophe which hurt the city economically and socially.

I’ve enjoyed witnessing her appearances on MSNBC as a legal analyst and contributor and today, I had the opportunity to personally delivery my blessings to her. May she do well.

Following is a video shot of May Wiley’s Speech today:

Following is the official press release issued about today’s event:

Wiley: “It’s time we have a fighter in office that understands the hard work required to bring about systemic change”

Joined by Community Leaders, Wiley Vows to Bring Fairness and Accountability To City Hall

BROOKLYN, NY – Presenting a bold, progressive vision that will bring fairness and accountability to City Hall, racial justice and equality advocate Maya Wiley kicked off her candidacy for New York City Mayor at the Brooklyn Museum today. Joined by a diverse group of supporters from throughout New York, Wiley promised to take on the big challenges New Yorkers continue to face, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need for racial justice, the lack of affordable housing, an unequal education system, and an economy that often leaves too many New Yorkers behind. Wiley also promised to unify New York City, so that every borough and every neighborhood – from the wealthy to the neighborhoods often excluded and left behind – works together and with a common purpose for a better future.

Wiley was endorsed by several community leaders from all five boroughs and elected officials, including State Senator Michael Gianaris, Assemblymember and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake, and Council Members Helen Rosenthal and Steve Levin.

“We must seize this moment of uncertainty to reimagine our city. Because the Coronavirus has blown the lid off of what is possible. There’s no going back to the New York of the past. That city had its own problems. It’s time to build the New York of the future,” Maya Wiley said in her remarks. “I am running for Mayor to build a New York where no matter who you are, what you look like, how you identify, where you pray, or whom you love, whether you have a big bank account or no bank account at all, whether you live in public housing or luxury condos, you can live with dignity and opportunity. Right here. This is the New York we have the power to create. This is our journey of faith. And it would be my great honor to travel that road, hand-in-hand with the people of our great city, as your next Mayor.”

“It’s time we have a fighter in office that understands the hard work required to bring about systemic change. We need someone as Mayor who holds City Hall accountable, and who brings morality and principles to the policies that serve our communities,”“This is our journey and this is the city we can build together. It won’t be easy, but the time for justice is now.”

“Maya Wiley is the right person, at the right time, to be Mayor of New York City. Maya is a passionate progressive leader who has a strong record of advocacy for civil rights, equal opportunity, and economic fairness. I could not be more proud to support her campaign to become New York’s first female Mayor as we work to implement a fair COVID recovery, fix our education system, and create an economy that benefits everyone,” said State Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris.

Throughout the event, Wiley reinforced her beliefs in engaging communities from the ground up. Prior to the press conference, she held a meeting with leaders to discuss her community-first approaches to address the important issues New Yorkers are facing. In the coming weeks, Wiley will hold “People’ Assemblies,” where she will speak with New Yorkers to get their direct thoughts and ideas for where the city needs to go. These include:

  • Jobs & Economy – New York’s revenue crisis, is in part a jobs crisis, which has fueled a housing crisis and made life hard for small business owners. Wiley plans to find ways to create more revenue, invest in our city’s infrastructure, and establish a sustainable future for our city’s young people.
  • Criminal Justice & Policing – New Yorkers are rightfully concerned about our public safety system. Wiley will demand law enforcement be held accountable, work to change the culture of violence, and provide resources to help those experiencing poverty or mental health crises.
  • Education – The pandemic has laid bare the inadequacies of our education system, it also created an opportunity to transform our schools for everyone. To improve our education system, Wiley will address the underlying inequities and work to make a system that works for students, teachers, and families.
  • Healthcare – 600,000 New Yorkers are without health insurance. Wiley will work to lower costs of healthcare and negotiate coverage for those uninsured by leveraging the bargaining power of the city. She will also drive investment in public hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to deliver care to low-income communities.
  • Housing & Homelessness – New York City’s housing crisis is driving gentrification and displacing New Yorkers across the city with a disproportionate effect on many Black, Latinx, and Asian New Yorkers. Wiley will fight for rent subsidies to address the eviction crisis facing New York’s families and work to expand affordable housing. She will prioritize community planning and support for first-time homeownership. She will also pursue opportunities to expand the city’s affordable housing stock by converting tax liens, acquiring properties left behind in the wake of COVID to meet capital needs, and stimulating non-profit housing development. Wiley will also prioritize the stabilization and restoration of our city’s public housing. She will make major investments in NYCHA – including addressing major capital needs – which has long been underfunded and neglected.
  • Revenue & Budget – A city’s budget is a moral compass that represents the government’s priorities, and our city. The COVID-19 crisis has created the most dire revenue forecasts in a generation. Wiley will work to maximize and rethink our city’s budget to create new revenue streams, but also ensure those resources are deployed to increase equity and access.

New York City needs a transformational next Mayor, and, I wholeheartedly know that her name is Maya Wiley” said Assemblymember Michael Blake (D-79th District, The Bronx, NY). “Given the pain that the people of The Bronx and our great city have endured, Maya Wiley as Mayor will ensure Jobs, Justice, Equity and Empowerment for all of us, especially those of us in the outer boroughs who are too often left behind. From working with her to provide opportunities to Entrepreneurs of Color in The Bronx and across New York City to watching her as a proud Black woman stand up for Black and Brown Women to listening to her demand justice for New Yorkers and all Americans, I know Maya’s heart, believe in her vision, and, we need her to lead New York City as our next Mayor. Whether it’s reforming our broken criminal Injustice system, ensuring true affordable and substantially improved public housing or creating Access To Capital and Contracts for Small, Minority and Women Business Owners, Maya Wiley will lead New York to levels of excellence we have not seen. Maya will be a voice for all of us so that City Hall is not just for the privileged but for the people. It is time that we don’t just say that Black women are the backbone of our Democratic Party but more critically, elect Black women to be our Mayors, and her name is Maya Wiley.”

“New York City is at a crossroads. It can become a place where everyone has a chance to succeed – and not just a few. Where new arrivals are embraced for their energy and abilities – and not left in the shadows. Where the justice system starts with fairness as the rule – and not the exception to it. Fixing New York City’s problems requires a Mayor who sees equality, inclusiveness and fairness not as abstractions but as animating principles. We’re so fortunate to have a candidate for Mayor who embodies these principles. That candidate is Maya Wiley.” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal.

“Brooklyn knows a leader when we see one, and Maya is a leader. We have seen her fight for justice, dignity, and equality. We know she is our best choice to lead us forward during these difficult times. Maya will bring her vast experience and principles to best lead the city forward into a new era of opportunity and prosperity,” said Council Member Steve Levin.

“Maya has the experience needed to meet this moment and lead our city now,” said Dr. Lilliam Barrios-Paoli. “As someone who has served in a number of mayoral administrations I know what it takes to run City Hall, and under Maya’s leadership we can expect a new way of doing business that’s going to help New Yorkers. A Wiley mayoralty would  not only share the voices of the people, it would be accountable and listen to them. I am proud to support her candidacy and vision of reimagining just how great New York can be.”

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