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Mayor Announces 2 More NYC Miles of Streets to Open on March 7, 2020

2 more NYC miles of Open Streets to Open on March 7, 2020

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced how two miles of city streets would be opened to pedestrian traffic. This comes on the heels of the seven miles of that were opened recently as part of the new Open Streets Initiative. Created for the sake of allowing New Yorkers to better adhere to social distancing rules in the age of COVID-19.

The additional miles of streets would be opened tomorrow on April 7.  They would be specific sites that are being managed by local Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) that are taking responsibility to make sure that everything “is being set up, and is monitored, and is safe.”

The following list outlines 1.5 miles followed by an additional .4 miles which was part of this original Pilot Plan he began in March and ended in early April.

The sections are as follows:

The name of the particular BID is listed followed by the respective location(s).

Flatiron Partnership:

Broadway from 21st to 23rd Street
Broadway from 24th to 28th Street

Garment District:

Broadway from 36th to 41st Street

Lower East Side BID:

Orchard Street from Delancey to Houston Street
Ludlow Street from Delancey to Houston Street
Stanton Street from Allen to Essex Street
Rivington  Street from Allen to Essex Street

Downtown Brooklyn Partnership:

Willoughby Street from Pearl to Lawrence Street
Lawrence Street from Fulton to Willoughby Street

3rd Avenue BID in the Bronx:

Willis Avenue from 147th – 148th Street
148th Street from Willis Avenue to Bergen Avenue


Jackson Heights:

34th Avenue from 69th to 77th Street

The mayor would go on to mention how more announcements will be made in the near future.

He began his initial announcement today with the following:

“We continue to build out the Open Streets Initiative. The City Council  put this idea out there. It’s an idea that now is ready to go into higher gear. I want to thank the city council for their partnership. I wan to thank the NYPD and the Department of Transportation, the Department of Parks and all the city agencies that are working together to make this work – and thank God all those city agencies have more and more of their employees coming back who had been sick with COVID-19. The workforce is strengthening all the time so we can do these Open Streets now. With the right kind of enforcement to make them work for everyone,” said the Mayor.

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