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Mayor de Blasio Reveals NYC School Attendance and Random COVID-19 Test Results

Mayor de Blasio Reveals NYC School Attendance and Random COVID-19 Test Results

Mayor de Blasio shared statistics on the NYC School System attendance of students as well as indicators concerning their health and safety.

Regarding attendance, over 280,000 children have attended in-person schooling with an average attendance of 85.3% each day.

He mentioned how the city’s random COVID-19 testing program which surveyed hundreds of schools yielded a positivity rate of 0.15 %.

“We are seeing more and more evidence of just how safe our schools are and more and more evidence that kids are benefiting from in-person education,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor also stated that COVID testing data would be made available on a regular basis for parents and New Yorkers in need of clarity.

“The COVID testing data will be available at the DOE website at schools.nyc.gov/covidresults. And it will have test results for every borough, for every school that’s been tested and a complete case map for all known cases in New York City public schools. And that would be available at schools.nyc.gov/casemap.”

The following charts are taken from the related Board of Education Page

Cumulative Testing Summary Citywide

  • Date Range: 10/9 through 10/25
Citywide Total Students Staff
Schools Visited 834 NA NA
Tests Conducted 41,113 14,999 26,114
Total Positive Tests Identified 58 24 34
Survey testing Positivity Rate 0.14% NA NA


Cumulative Testing Summary by Borough

  • Date Range: 10/9 through 10/25
  • Note: testing data includes both students and school-based staff
Borough Total Tests Conducted Total Positives Identified Number of tests processed Positivity Rate
The Bronx 10,162 16 10,081 0.16%
Brooklyn 8,622 14 8,616 0.16%
Manhattan 8,465 12 8,413 0.14%
Queens 11,522 11 11,512 0.10%
Staten Island 2,342 5 2,341 0.21%
Citywide 41,113 58 40,963 0.14%


Daily Testing Summary Citywide

This is a snapshot of the testing results from a 24 hour period from all schools.

October 25, 2020

Citywide Total Students Staff
Schools Visited 31 NA NA
Tests Conducted 3,228 1,275 1,953
Total Positive Tests 7 3 4
Survey testing Positivity Rate NA NA NA




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