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More NYC Outdoor Dining and Play Streets Locations Added to Program

Mayor de Blasio Adds More Outdoor Dining and Play Street Locations to Nation-Leading Open Streets Program

Expanding initiatives provide street space for restaurants and recreation along select corridors and in pedestrian plazas

NEW YORK—Mayor de Blasio today announced 21 more locations for outdoor dining options as part of a City initiative that combines the Open Streets and Open Restaurants programs, while adding more seating in more outer-borough pedestrian plazas. The Administration is also adding four more locations in three boroughs for Play Streets, an initiative the City launched in July to provide children with safe, structured activities on Open Streets during summer weekdays.

Today’s announcement brings restaurant seating options to 16 more car-free streets on weekends for select corridors, with most of the new locations starting the evening of Friday, August 15th. New plaza locations with exclusive seating, collective dining, and open public seating include Westchester Square in the Bronx and Hillel Plaza in Brooklyn, along with Corona Plaza, Diversity Plaza, and the 71st Avenue Plaza in Queens. Last month the Mayor announced that the City would extend in-street dining through October instead of ending it by Labor Day, giving more than 9,500 participating restaurants two extra months to serve diners in safe, socially distant outdoor spaces.

“Rebuilding a fairer and better city means using our urban landscape creatively, and I’m proud to build on the success of our Open Streets program,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “New Yorkers have sacrificed so much during this crisis and they deserve the opportunity to safely enjoy their neighborhoods and communities.”

“Communities from across New York City are seeing the benefits Open Restaurants has upon its businesses and the joy it brings to residents, which is why we are continuing to see more and more streets open up to outdoor dining,” said Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin. “By continuing to give restaurants innovative ways to serve their customers, we are not only helping to save these jobs and businesses but also providing New Yorkers a small sense of normalcy.”

“We are so excited to see the Open Streets: Restaurants and Play Streets initiatives continue to grow, bringing new recreation opportunities and outdoor dining locations to our Open Streets and pedestrian plazas in all five boroughs,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “We thank Mayor de Blasio and our many agency and community partners for keeping up the hard work and helping New Yorkers stay prosperous, healthy and socially active in the fresh air as we emerge step by step from the COVID crisis.”

“Our City continues to benefit from the ever-popular Open Streets and Open Restaurants programs,” said Jonnel Doris, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services. “As more restaurants get involved, we continue to see the great benefit these initiatives bring to our City and to the people who patronize these businesses.”

New Open Streets: Restaurants Locations:


Organization On Street From Street To Street Borough
3rd Ave BID Alexander Ave Bruckner Blvd E 134th St BX
Park Slope 5th Ave BID 5th Ave Sterling Pl Berkely Pl BK
Prospect Heights NDC Vanderbilt Ave Pacific St Atlantic Ave BK
99 Favor Taste 61st St 7th Ave 8th Ave BK
Chinatown BID Bayard St Mott Street Mulberry St MN
Calabria Restaurant dba Il Brigante Restaurant Front St Peck Slip Beekman St MN
34th Street Partnership 32nd St 6th Ave Broadway MN
Broadway 32nd St 31st St MN
Casa Nomad restaurant and Akin Hospitality Group Broadway W 29th St W 31st St MN
Mari Makan LLC Spring St Mott St Elizabeth St MN
Peasant Elizabeth St Spring St Prince St MN
120 Marcus Meets Malcolm W 120th St Malcolm X Blvd Mt Morris Park W MN
Flatiron 23rd St Partnership Broadway W 28th St W 29th St MN
Flatiron 23rd St Partnership Broadway W 21st St W 22nd St MN
Friends of Diversity Plaza 37th Rd 75th St 74th St QN
The Angiuli Group Minthorne St Bay St Victory Blvd SI


The first round of Open Streets: Restaurants locations, announced July 2nd, focused on streets that were already participating in the Open Streets program, and on corridors represented by organizations that have worked with DOT on street closures in the past. The second tranche announced, July 17th, added 26 new locations. A third round, announced on July 31st, included 15 locations. Today’s announcement brings the citywide total to 76 participating streets and 9 pedestrian plazas.

The hours of operation for this new expanded seating option for restaurants will be from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday nights, and noon to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

New Play Streets include locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, in partnership with the Police Athletic League and the Staten Island Open and Play Streets Coalition:

Neighborhood Boro Street From To Partner Start Date End Date Days Times
Morrisania BX 170th St Webster Ave Park Ave PAL TBD 9/4/20 M,T, W, Th 12pm – 5pm
Red Hook BK Wolcott Street Richards St Van Brunt St PAL 8/1/20 9/4/20 M,T, W, Th 12pm – 5pm
Port Richmond SI Hill St Tompkins St Warren St SIOAPSC 8/27/20 8/27/20 Th 12pm – 4pm
Port Richmond SI Henderson Ave Alaska St Broadway SIOAPSC 9/3/20 9/3/20 Th 12pm – 4pm


At Play Streets locations, children participate in independent crafting and art projects that include making kaleidoscopes, birdhouses, rhythm drums, and cloud climbers. Giant board games such as Connect 4 and Jenga are also available. Sports drills include basketball, frisbee, softball, wiffle ball, kickball, and laser tag. Reading corners, dance classes, cardio and yoga exercises are also be provided. All programming is creatively designed to meet social distancing guidelines.

Play Streets locations are launching on a rolling basis until September 4th. Hours vary by location, but will generally be from 10 AM to 5 PM and include streets adjacent to NYCHA developments as part of the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the streets during the hours of the full street closure. Organizing Partners will be responsible for setting up barricades and posting signage, as well as restoring the Open Street condition at the end of their programming. They will also post No Parking signage with days and times ahead of starting their activations.

The following Open Streets will be changed or removed from the program:

Change Boro Original New
Shorten One Block Brooklyn Willow St (Middah to Pierrepont) Willow St (Middah to Clarke)
Remove Brooklyn 2nd Place (Smith St to Henry St) None
Move & Shorten Two Blocks Brooklyn Livonia Ave (Mother Gaston to Powell) Livonia Ave (Powell to Junius)
Remove Brooklyn Butler St (Gregory Pl to 4th Ave), Gregory Pl (Baltic St to Butler St) None
Remove Manhattan Margaret Corbin Drive (Ft Washington to Cabrini Blvd) None


Under Open Streets, pedestrians and cyclists are free to use the roadbed of each street. No through traffic is permitted, with remaining vehicle traffic limited to local deliveries, pick-ups/drop-offs, necessary city service, utility, and emergency vehicles only. Such drivers are alerted to be hyper-vigilant and to drive at 5 MPH along these routes. Regular Open Streets operate from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, with timing varying slightly depending on staff availability.

If you have questions about Open Streets or would like to request an Open Street in your community, please contact your NYC DOT Borough Commissioner’s office.


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