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My COVID-19 Test Today – Painless & Easy – A Mosquito Bite is 10 Times Worse!

My COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Test Today – Painless & Easy – A Mosquito Bite is 10 Times Worse!

Get Tested For COVID-19

Easy, Quick and Painless.

Before I go on, allow me to make one point clear. This test is Easy! It is Fast! It is Painless! A mosquito bite is ten times worse!

So, weeks after having gotten my COVID-19 Antibody test, I decided to get the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostic test today. This comes a day after I found myself (by happenstance) walking amongst a large crowd of marchers/protesters in Manhattan. I’d parked my car at the usual spot on Broadway and walked over to Washington Square Park to see how things were going. Just as I’ve done repeatedly since NYC’s shutdown began in March.

I’d only been there, in the thick of things, for less than a couple minutes. It took maybe a minute to get to the Washington Square Arch and a minute to get away.

For the most part, I was no closer than four feet away from the nearest individual. Most everyone there had a mask on, as did I. Albeit, there was quite a bit of yelling, I did my part in trying to keep my distance.

It would be over an hour later that I’d learn how the suspicions I had were correct. The oncoming police traffic towards the area, which I’d witnessed upon my driving off, was due to a near riot that would take place there presumably right after my departure. Yes, my leaving a party has that kind of effect on folks.

I’d learn from the administering doctor that it pays to wait a few days before getting tested. That is, after the time of supposed exposure to the virus. So, I might be getting tested again in less than a week’s time if the current test results (which take 3-5 days) are negative for the virus.

Yes, I’m experiencing a slight bit of paranoia over my having been out in that crowd yesterday. Something which is only half the reason I’ve yet to cover any protests first hand. The other being that I’ve a mug which just screams to be arrested. But that’s a whole ‘nother story…I digress.

On May 17, I asked the Mayor if he hoped for the day that every New Yorker could get tested regardless of whether they were symptomatic or not. He stated, “I would love nothing more than the day to come when that could be truly as universal as we want it to be.”

Ever since, he’s repeated that sentiment again and again.

I’m sure that if I were to ask him if everyone should be tested on a daily or weekly basis, that is, IF we had the means to do so? I imagine his response would be a resounding yes.

Folks, short of a vaccine, repeated testing and tracing is the way out of this mess. It’s common sense. I posted something recently about how this worked successfully in keeping the town of Oswego from becoming another New Rochelle.

For anyone who doesn’t remember. The entire town of New Rochelle had to be quarantined and locked down due to one single person’s infection.

The Governor himself would go on today about this very thing. How cluster after cluster began with one single individual, and how testing and tracing kept a bad scenario from turning into a full blown catastrophe.

If you care about your city, your state, your country then please get tested. Then share you experience with others. This might, in turn, help those needlessly fearing this procedure.

My own fears stemmed from the Brochoschopy preparation I underwent 20 years ago. It was an experience I’d never forget. Long aesthetic swabs were shoved up my nasal cavity and it felt like the doctor was reaching for my skull.

This COVID-19 swab test is nothing like that. I barely felt the swab going in or coming out. Any discomfort lasted a mere split second and as I mentioned in the beginning: a mosquito bite is terrifying compared with this.

Thanks for reading this far. Now go get tested.


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