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Nation with Second Largest Population Beats Trump’s America in Dealing with COVID-19

Nation with Second Largest Population Beats Trump’s America in Dealing with COVID-19

The United States with three times the land mass and only one fourth the population of India experiences six times the number of COVID-19 related deaths.

As if it weren’t enough to highlight America’s international dominance in experiencing all-out COVID hell, there’s one comparison needing to be made.

Yes, Coronavirus comparisons between one location and another have been a dime a dozen throughout the year. So much so that the recent resurgence in cases worldwide makes it all feel pointless. Yet we couldn’t pass up on this particular one.

What better way to show how ridiculously bad things are in our country than to compare it against the nation with the second largest population? A nation that’s not only got a greater population density, but as well a pittance of related deaths when compared with the supposed leader of the free world.

The CIA World Factbook bears the following facts:

  • India’s population at 1.32 Billion whereas it’s 332 million for the United States.
  • Landmass for the US is at 9.83 million Sq Miles. It’s 3.28 million for India.

Latest data from the COVID Tracking Project and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show the following:

  • The US had 3,067 deaths in a single day with a seven day average of 2,332.
  • India had 412 deaths in one day with a seven day average of 446.
  • India had less than 32,000 new cases in one day whereas America had over 214,000.

Mind you, America’s COVID-19 numbers are expected to get worse through January and possibly beyond as folks continue to gather for the holidays. Likewise, there’s still a large enough portion of our population who are nonetheless ignoring warnings and guidelines.

Daily Deaths 7 Day Avg Deaths Land Mass Population
US 3,067 2,332 9,830,000 332,000,000
India 412 446 3,280,000 1,320,000,000


Based upon the above info, the US has nearly one quarter of India’s population yet three times its landmass. To think that we have 7.44 times as many recent deaths in one day is beyond belief, yet here we are.

Of course, none of this is to say that India is out of the woods nor that it will indefinitely fare better than America. The same could be said about the rest of the world. What it says, sans contradiction, is that America’s done a bang up job of being number one at something.

Following chart illustrates the daily numbers of cumulative deaths in India and the United States since June 1, 2020. Notice how India’s numbers managed to level off at a time when America’s was beginning to take off. One can easily project this country as reaching over 100,000 COVID-related deaths in the span of one month.

More to be explored in upcoming posts.

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