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New COVID-19 Lows Reported for New York State Since Before Lockdown

New COVID-19 Lows Reported for New York State Since Before Lockdown

As with every day past, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo today released some of the state’s latest health metrics. The numbers were extraordinarily promising in that they substantiated the success New York’s had in containing the Coronavirus pandemic.

The state’s lockdown (New York on Pause) was announced on March 20 in anticipation of the horrors that would lie ahead for both the state and the City of New York.

Today’s numbers show the following:

  • Hospitalizations have dropped to 576 – the lowest since March 17
  • ICU Patients dropped to 140 – the lowest since March 16
  • Itubations (use of ventilators) dropped to 70 – the lowest since March 15

In the State, there were 5 COVID-19 Deaths with 644 newly confirmed cases.

“New York State continues to closely monitor alarming COVID-19 numbers throughout the nation as we flatten the curve, slow the spread and proceed with a data-driven, phased reopening,” said the Governor. “So much of our ability to fight this destructive virus is dependent on what each of us does in day-to-day life, and social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands make a huge difference as we stay New York Smart. I ask New Yorkers to continue practicing those good habits and closely following state guidance, and I urge local governments to enforce that guidance.”

Yet, despite all these excellent numbers and how every region in the state has reached Phase 4 reopening status, the Governor continues to fear a resurgence in cases citing the 34 states on New York’s Travel Advisory Watchlist; as well as making a point of the continued non-compliance amongst people congregating outside bars and restaurants.

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