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How New York City in Autumn can be so Beautiful

The ways in which NYC can be so very beautiful in Fall

Posted at the very beginning of Summer 2017 we couldn’t help but look forward to the next highly awaited season. Not that the weather’s been too bad to us, it hasn’t. Yet, can you blame us? Take a look at the photos below and you’ll see what all the fuss is about in as far as Autumn in our city is concerned!

1.  Turtle Pond as seen from Belvedere Castle

Climb up to the Castle found near the very center of New York City is this green oasis otherwise known as Central Park and this is the sort of view you will get! Luscious greens mixed with brilliant reds, browns, yellows and golds. It’s quite the sight and one that will stay with you long after you’ve left.

2.  Gorgeous Golds of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Photo was taken many years ago in front of my most cherished and loved tree there. With its limbs and arms stretching out almost as if willing and wanting to grab one this living beauty is the sort that will stop you in your tracks! It is such a beautiful living structure. Nothing like the wondrous and colorful foliage of the season to bring about such lovely images.

3.  Autumn as seen from the Lake at Central Park

San Remo, the two towers seen above the line of treetops, is located at 145 Central Park West, between 74th and 75th Streets. In this image we’re actually on a boat floating along within the famous Lake found within Central Park. We’ve had so many wonderful experiences strolling through this park and this one particular day is no exception. Not by any measure!

4. Golden Colors to be found

Although you’d have to be on the lookout for scenes like the one here they’re really not too hard to find. What you need to be right about though is your timing and persistence. This photo was captured on Central Park North at 110th Street in Manhattan along the northern-most end of the park.

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