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Evening / Night about NYC's Streets with the Huawei P30 Smartphone Photo Gallery

Our first night with the P30 Camera in New York City’s Midtown Streets

Here on this page are some photos from a large collection shot within Manhattan’s midtown streets. Twas a gorgeous evening for being out despite the huge crowds of tourists to be found within the Times Square area. Too bad the sidewalks were being worked on otherwise it might’ve been a more bearable experience. Yet, I had my brand new P30 in hand to test out for the very first time in the evening, ‘and boy, can it rock!
Taking most photos during the blue hour’s onset were a breeze, especially considering the vast amount of ambient light cast by all the many neon and digital signs of the Great White Way. Heading away from the well lit vicinity of Times Square and as the night got darker I felt the need to turn to the pro settings. Settings better served by simply being referred to as ‘manual’.
As you can see from the shots in the photo gallery below the P30 does extraordinarily well. With the exception of some very minor editing in Adobe photoshop and PS Express the images came out stunning. Plenty of details to be found throughout. Depth of focus worked very well, although focusing with video can be a hassle at times…something to be discussed another time. Dynamic Range? Awesome! It’s utterly amazing what this camera’s able to accomplish. I’ve been in these streets countless times with Nikon DSLRs and some pretty capable lenses and none of them are able to attain the sort of results this camera achieves without a tripod. From the slits of light emanating out of skyscraper windows at night to the low levels of noise accomplished in low light settings I can go on and on raving about how well the P30 does.
More photo galleries as well as video to come from the evening hours as well as daytime. Thanks for passing through.

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