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No Recovery from COVID Until We Stop the Spread Everywhere, says Governor Cuomo

No Recovery from COVID Until We Stop the Spread Everywhere, says Governor Cuomo

NY Governor Cuomo echoed today the very sentiment he’s been speaking of for some time now. He’s stated numerous times how there can be no recovery from the COVID-19 crisis until the spread is stopped everywhere in America.

His words today, as in other days, gives one insight into the Governor’s thinking. It helps to explain his views on a locale like New York City which was once the world’s epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic and yet has gotten to a point with greatly diminished transmission rates, hospitalizations and deaths. In the past week, the city’s reported three consecutive days without a COVID-19 related death.

Yet, unlike other regions of the state which have reached Phase 4 Reopening, New York City still is not allowed to get the full benefits that come along with such status. The city is neither allowed indoor dining nor the reopening of its malls and cultural institutions.

“Good news is our house is doing very well. Bad news is the neighbors home is on fire. We need to be concerned,” said the Governor at the end of June.

Since then, not only has he spoken repeatedly about the trouble which threatens New York’s safety but he also spent nearly two weeks assuring us that a COVID-19 rebound would strike New York.

Yes, part of the threat has been from within, through non-compliance, is the thinking put out there by the Governor. In addition, would be the threat from beyond.

In past weeks the Governor has reached out to other parts of the nation and offered assistance in the form of supplies and medical personnel.

Below is audio of his words followed by the transcript:

Governor Cuomo today:

“On the recovery aspect, we are not going to recover from COVID until we realize that until we stop the spread everywhere, we can’t stop the spread anywhere. That is a fundamental truth.

We are learning that every day. We’re here on the island of New York State. We’re watching the spread all around us. We’re quarantining other states. We’re creating bulwarks against the virus. The only way to handle this was to make sure it’s reduced in every state. That is inarguable also at this point. We then have the question of what do we do about people coming in from outside the country? That we can actually manage better. The mobility among the states is something that we cannot handle and we don’t want to handle. We don’t want to create walls among the states. The virus will continue to ricochet across this county until we realize that. And I said that to the NGA in my opening comments yesterday. That’s what we’re seeing. It will be a constant ricocheting of the virus from state to state to state to state. It will bounce to Florida to Texas to Arizona, then to California, then it’ll bounce to Oregon, and then it’ll bounce to New Jersey, then the bounce to Rhode Island and here we are in New York putting up walls, hoping that we can stop the ricochet from hitting New York. You have to resolve it in every state.

That’s one of the downsides of what we’ve done here which is no national strategy, it’s a state-by-state strategy, and now you are seeing states that didn’t take it seriously – the number goes up but when that happens you see a ricochet. That’s why it’s FDR where we started this. When your neighbor’s house is on fire, lend them a hose to put out the fire. Why? Why would you lend them your house? Because it’s in your best interest to put out the fire on your neighbor’s home because if you don’t put out the fire on your neighbor’s home, then don’t be surprised when the fire comes to your home.”

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