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Latest updates concerning the battle with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) within New York City and beyond in New York State

For Information

Novel Coronavirus Hotline

Call 1-888-364-3065

for Information about Coronavirus

Text COVID to 692692

for updates on Coronavirus in NYC

CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Informational Page concerning Covid-19

New York City Department of Health

Novel Coronavirus Guidance


Cases in NYC & NY State

Courtesy of NY State Department of Health

Data last updated 1:19 pm March 17, 2020

Positive Cases

Westchester: 380
Nassau: 131
Suffolk: 84
Albany: 23
Rockland: 22
Dutchess: 16
Orange: 15
Monroe: 10
Saratoga: 9
Ulster: 8
Erie: 7
Schenectady: 5
Allegany: 2
Greene: 2
Putnam: 2
Onondag: 2
Tompkins: 2
Broome: 1
Clinton: 1
Delaware: 1
Herkimer: 1
Tioga: 1
Montgomery: 1
Ontario: 1
Rensselaer: 1
Sullivan: 1
Wyoming: 1

New York State (Outside of NYC) : 730

New York City: 644

Total Positive Cases (Statewide) : 1,374






News Snippets

On Wednesday morning, March 18, 2020…Mayor Bill de Blasio with Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show on NBC:

Guthrie: Real quick, please, sir, because I’m almost out of time. I’m almost out of time, but just in a word, are you going to recommend to the Governor that New York City do shelter in place?

Mayor: I’m almost to that point. We have a little bit more we have to make sense of – how we’re going to get people food and medicine – but I have to say, it has to be considered as seriously starting today.


Wednesday morning, March 18, 2020…NYC Mayor with host, Laura Stylez of HOT 97

Mayor: Laura, it’s a great question and let me just say first, coming into this answer, the new normal point. Yeah. Everyone, we got to be real. This is going to fundamentally change all of our lives for months. It’s just a question of how many months and everyone needs to help each other and everyone needs to make really, really profound adjustments. It’s not going to be anything like normal. And I don’t know, I think in our time, in our history, you know, recent generations, we haven’t had to do anything like this. Our ancestors had to do things like this a lot, unfortunately. They went through wars and depressions and all that. People all over the world right now who are migrating from country to country to avoid violence. There’s plenty of people in the world who have dealt with this kind of disruption, even worse. But for Americans today, it’s a really, really unsettling reality. For all of us in New York, it’s a shock. So, I think the more you guys can say to people, ‘hey, we’ve left normal way behind now, we all have to get to a new place together.’ It’s very helpful.

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