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NY COVID-19 Hospitalizations rise to 1,968 – A Warning to All New Yorkers and those Beyond

This Should Scare You! : NY COVID-19 Hospitalizations rise to 1,968

COVID-19 related hospitalizations in New York State shot up another 123 yesterday for a total of 1,968 as reported by Governor Andrew Cuomo today.

As we’ve been reporting, numbers have been on the rise since September with the upward trajectory taking a steeper climb since the beginning of November. During that time, folks admitted to the hospital due to illnesses brought on by the virus have quadrupled in number.

If any of the above worries you then that may be the very best thing to come out of such reports. Lack of compliance to Coronavirus guidelines and indoor gatherings are part of what’s causing some of the infection clusters across the state.

Thankfully, deaths appear to have stabilized somewhat as can be seen in the chart found farther down on this page.

Both Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor de Blasio have pleaded with New Yorkers to abide by rules through the wearing of masks and social distancing. Folks have been asked to not give in to the lure of having holiday get-togethers as would be the norm in any other year.

Last week, the Governor announced new restrictions for establishments with liquor licenses as well as gyms. Such businesses are to close by 10:00 pm. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor gatherings at private residences are limited to no more than 10 individuals.

“COVID-19 is spreading in New York, and the increased number of cases is taking place throughout the state. This is not an Upstate or downstate issue—all New Yorkers, regardless of where they live, have cause for concern,” Governor Cuomo said. “We are continuing to use a comprehensive micro-cluster strategy and increase our testing capacity to new heights. However, our success also depends on the vigilance and smart behavior of New Yorkers. Wash your hands, stay socially distanced and wear a mask. Local governments, do the enforcement. We’re going to get through this pandemic, but only if we do it together and stay New York Tough.”

Following chart illustrates the rise in COVID-19 related Hospitalizations in New York:

Daily number of Coronavirus Deaths can be seen in the chart below:

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