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NY Governor Cuomo Believes We Can Avoid a COVID-19 Shutdown

NY Governor Cuomo Believes We Can Avoid a COVID-19 Shutdown

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo today sounded positive on the state’s immediate outlook as he shared the latest COVID-19 Numbers.

“I believe we can avoid a shutdown because we can slow the spread and the hospitals can manage the increase in cases,” said Governor Cuomo. “This is now a footrace between the vaccine and COVID, and as we slow the spread we also have to accelerate vaccine distribution at the same time.”

This comes on the day that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorized the emergency use of the pharmaceutical company’s Coronavirus vaccine.

It is the second vaccine to be okayed for use in the fight against the pandemic. A week ago, Pfizer’s vaccine was okayed and one of the first to receive the vaccine was a New York ICU nurse.

“I believe we had the first vaccination in the country because I believe New York is mobilizing faster and is more organized than any other state. New York’s Clinical Advisory Task Force approved Moderna’s vaccine this morning and we’re expecting doses of it next week, which is good news. The even better news is that the supply of vaccine doses is actually bigger,” said the Governor.

Meanwhile, virus-related hospitalizations and deaths in New York continue to on their upward trend. Although, yesterday would be the first in a very long time that the change in hospitalization numbers were not greater than the day prior. It would also be the second instance this week of a slight momentary leveling off in the number of patients on ICU (Intensive Care Unit) as well as those undergoing intubation.

The charts below show the daily number of hospitalizations and deaths since September 19, 2020.


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