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NY Governor Cuomo: State Health Care Workers Must Get Vaccinated

NY Governor Cuomo: State Health Care Workers Must Get Vaccinated

Today, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a number of mandates concerning the vaccination of state workers; those in patient-facing capacities at NY State Hospitals will be required to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus with no alternative options for testing.

“So in New York and our state hospitals, all patient facing healthcare workers must get vaccinated,” said Mr. Cuomo. “There will be no testing option for patient facing healthcare workers. That is a point of contact that could be a serious spreading event and we want to make sure that those healthcare workers are vaccinated – period”

Likewise, all state workers (approximating 130,000 in number) will be required to get vaccinated or face weekly COVID-19 testing. Already, NYC Mayor de Blasio had issued a similar mandate for the city’s workers.

The Governor also urged the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) to move the vaccine’s status from its current standing under ‘emergency use authorization’ to full final approval.

“This vaccine right now is under something called emergency use authorization. Under emergency use authorization states are limited as to what they can mandate. Once the vaccine is finally approved, then the state has more legal authority to mandate the vaccine,” said the Governor.

Today’s announcements follow the CDC’s statement issued yesterday in response to the increasing concerns over Coronavirus strains and the growing pandemic amongst the unvaccinated.

“CDC recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings to help prevent the spread of the Delta variant and protect others. This includes schools. CDC recommends that everyone in K to 12 schools wear a mask indoors including teachers, staff, students and visitors regardless of vaccination status. Children should return to full time in person learning in the fall with proper prevention strategies in place. Finally, CDC recommends community leaders encourage vaccinations and universal masking to prevent further outbreaks in areas of substantial and high transmission. With the Delta variant, vaccinating more Americans now is more urgent than ever. The highest spread of cases and severe outcomes is happening in places with low vaccination rates and amongst unvaccinated people.

This moment, and most importantly, the associated illness, suffering and death could have been avoided with higher vaccination coverage in this country. COVID-19 continues to present many challenges and exacted a tremendous toll on our nation.

We continue to follow the science closely and update the guidance should the signs shift again. We must take every step we can to stop the Delta variant.”

Below is a video of the Governor’s related words. It comes courtesy of the Governor’s office.

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