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NY Governor Cuomo: White House Coronavirus TaskForce Vaccination Plans are Deeply Flawed

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: White House Coronavirus TaskForce Vaccination Plans are Deeply Flawed

During the Governor’s tele-press conference today he had some words to share about the White House Coronavirus taskforce’s plans for mass vaccinations of the United States.

Following the below video is the related transcript:

“I was a call today held by the White House Coronavirus taskforce to talk about the vaccine process. Dr. Burke’s made the point on the call of asking the governors to make sure they’re urging masks. It would be nice if that’s what the CDC and the Whitehouse Coronavirus taskforce is urging. If the President was consistent and had a national mask mandate rather than lose 130,000 New Yorkers.

On their vaccination plan – I think it’s deeply flawed because the premise of the plan is what they call a public private sector partnership which sounds great But, the main distribution would be private pharmacies – CVS, Walgreens, etc., and private providers. That is a very limited distribution mechanism. They do not provide for a state to organize vaccination with state personnel on any scale. So you have a limited distribution network. That same network they’re talking about is the network we currently use to do the COVID testing, right? We’ve contracted with these pharmacies to do COVID testing. First, you now have the same network doing COVID testing and asking them also to do vaccinations on top of it. You have to sacrifice one or the other. Either the number of COVID tests you’re taking or the number of vaccinations they can perform.

Secondarily, you do not get the necessary scale to the vaccination on an expeditious basis.  For example, we’ve used this network to do the COVID testing. We have done in New York 13 million tests over 7 months with this network. Nationwide, we’ve done a 130 million tests with this same network. In New York, instead of doing 13 million COVID tests, we’d have to do 40 million vaccinations. It’s every person twice, two dosages. Nationwide, it wouldn’t be a 130 million tests – you’d have to do 660 million vaccinations. We know the capacity of the network because we now have it engaged. It could take one year to vaccinate the population using only a private sector network. This country can’t afford to take one year to do vaccinations. So I think their fundamental plan, while simplistic, is deeply flawed.”

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