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NY Leaders Respond to Supposed Racist Behavior by NYPD Member(s) on RANT Blog

NY Leaders Respond to Supposed Racist Behavior by NYPD Member(s) on RANT Blog

New York Leaders Responded today to the discovery that a member of the New York Police Department was expressing racist views through an online forum frequented by members of the force.

News broke through a NY Times article which referenced a 31 page report titled ‘NYPD Deputy Inspector James Francis Kobel and “Clouseau” carried out by the New York City Council Oversight and Investigations Division.

Accompanying the title is Hon. Ritchie J. Torres Chair, Committee on Oversight and Investigations. Mr. Torres presently is NYC Council Member for District 15. This week, he won his race for Congressman in the recent elections.

“This is one of the most disgusting, disturbing, discriminatory, vile blogs that you can find on the internet,” said NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“This is a blog where they referred to Barack Obama as a “Muslim savage.” Darcel Clark, the District Attorney of the Bronx, Black a “gap-toothed wildebeest.” They called the Mayor’s son, Dante, “brillo-head.” They call Representative Omar, a federal Congressperson, a “filthy animal.” This, from NYPD. This from the NYPD and it’s gone on for years.”

NYC Mayor de Blasio shared the following post on Twitter:

“This vile, racist language is an attack on every New Yorker and an insult to our city’s values This is under investigation, and if it’s true, he will be fired. End of story.”

We received a copy of the above mentioned report (available to all), and so disturbing were the findings that the following warning is provided near the beginning of the document:

CAUTION: Due to the offensive nature of some of the material referenced in this report, READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. While this report summarizes some of the most explicit content, some extremely offensive content remains, including content promoting negative stereotypes about persons of various races, gender identities, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations as well as sexually explicit content and language referencing acts of violence. This material appears on parts of pages 3 through 10.

Immediately following the Governor’s press conference today we sought out the forum and sure enough it was there for all to see. Yet later in the day, it would be taken down by the forum administrator. Although, use of the Way Back Machine allows one access to a limited, archived version of the blog.

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