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NY State Daily COVID-19 Related Deaths at or Beyond 60 for Five Consecutive Days

NY State Daily COVID-19 Related Deaths at or Beyond 60 for Five Consecutive Days

For five consecutive days, COVID-19 related deaths in New York State has been at or beyond 60 while positivity rates continue to rise as do the numbers of hospitalizations.

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported the daily Coronavirus numbers to New Yorkers. Hospitalizations have reached a total of 4,318 for yesterday with 69 New Yorkers having passed.

The following shows the daily deaths for the past five days:
(date followed by deaths)

Nov 30 : 66
Dec 01 : 69
Dec 02 : 61
Dec 03 : 60
Dec 04 : 69

“I understand New Yorkers may be feeling COVID fatigue, especially now that we have entered the holiday season and the first batch of vaccines is a couple weeks away, but if there was ever a time to double down and be vigilant, it’s now,” Governor Cuomo said. “We continue to implement our data-driven winter plan and we are laser focused on making sure New York’s hospitals have enough capacity. What’s troubling is we are seeing a new trend where the majority of cases are traced to households and private gatherings. The federal government continues to overlook the black, brown, and poor communities in its vaccine plan and hasn’t provided the funding necessary for the states to administer it. These are real problems, and if left unaddressed they could undermine the effectiveness of the entire program. While we won’t stop fighting until these problems are addressed, New Yorkers need to do their part too. They already did the best job in the country the first time around, going from the highest infection rate to one of the lowest, and I have no doubt if we continue to stay smart, we will get through this together — stronger, tougher and more loving than before.”

Following are charts illustrating the daily number of hospitalizations and deaths.

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