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NYC Alternate Side Rules to Return for One Week Followed by Another Suspension

NYC Alternate Side Rules to Return for One Week Followed by Another Suspension

NYC Mayor de Blasio followed up today on the Alternate Street Parking rules. For some time now, since the beginning of NYC’s lockdown (‘New York on Pause’), the rules had been suspended. All this, in light of how the bulk of NYC’s population was forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Out of concern for the cleanliness of our streets the Mayor outlined a new and temporary routine.

Suspension of the rules would continue until Sunday, May 17th. Thereafter, the rules will resume on May 18th and continue through that week, presumably until May 17th?

Then it will be suspended again at least until Sunday, June 7th.

The following would be the Mayor’s words this morning:

“Now, let me turn to something that’s an every-day thing in this city, something we all think about – or, many at least think about and always want clear answers on – and it’s alternate side parking, a part of every-day life for so many New Yorkers. So, alternate side parking, we’ve been suspending it quite a bit. Obviously, given everything people are going through, we wanted to make it easier for people to stay home. We’ve said throughout, we’ve got to keep an eye on how our neighborhoods are looking. Are they clean? We want to keep them sanitary. We want to make sure that while we’re trying to give every consideration to people, we also have to keep an eye on cleanliness, very important to the overall health and well-being of the city. So, we’ve suspended alternate side many, many times in the last 10 weeks. But now we do see a number of areas in the city where some litter is starting to add up and we’re concerned. So, we’ll go to do something a little different this coming week and then that will help us reset for the future. So, alternate side will continue to be suspended this week through Sunday through May 17th. And, by the way, this suspension now that’s happened over recent weeks is actually one of the longest in the history of New York City. So, this suspension has helped people, made the lives a little easier, help people stay inside. We’ll keep it going through Sunday, May 17th. Starting on Monday, May 18th, we’re going to do a clean sweep all over the city, a catch-up to make sure neighborhoods are clean. So, alternate side parking will resume on Monday, May 18th and go through the end of that week. So, again, one week, the week of Monday, May 18th, alternate side parking will resume just for that week. We will then suspend for the following two weeks, so it’ll be suspended again through Sunday, June 7th. So, the goal here is if we do that one week clean up, hopefully that will last us a substantial period of time. But, again, we have to see how it goes. We have to see what we can achieve to make sure neighborhoods are clean. So, again, everyone – this week, no alternate side; next week, back on for one week only and then suspended again for two weeks after that.”

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