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NYC Bridges Map and List

New York City List and Map of Bridges

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The Many Bridges of New York City

Bridges, if we’re not driving or walking across them, then we’re jumpin’ off of them….’ok, ok…maybe a select few. ‘What can I say about ’em? ‘They were built with the intent of bridging the gap between our boroughs and for the sake of thoroughfare. ‘Personally, I think they’re wondrous! In looking up at them and crossing them, and thinking about their immensity and greatness you just can’t help but be in awe. Of course if you happen to be thinking about jumpin’ off of one…well, what better way to enjoy the waters after a nice dive…that is, if you manage through the experience! No matter what, your ho-hum day can be turned into a New Yorkled day after walkin’ across one.

Now, Although you may consider some of the smaller bridges to not even be worth the mention, I thought I’d mention them anyway…heck, they are what keep this city together…and take my word, if you happened to be on your way out of the city on a Friday afternoon or evening, you’ll never forget their existence!. ‘That is, whether you manage to escape at all. Oh yeah, I can remember the time when I was on my way to ‘Naaaah……you really don’t want to hear it do you? Well, take a look at some of the bigger bridges if you ignore the smaller ones…ok?….thanks….

Before you continue, ‘would like to mention that the only bridges really worth seeing in person are the Brooklyn & George Washington Bridges. The Henry Hudson & Verrazano Bridges would stand at distant thirds in my book…but definitely worth a look only if you happen to be in the area, that is, if you consider their beauty and the surrounding parks/promenades.

Here on this page are listed in alphabetical order as well as marked within the map below most if not all the best known bridges of the New York City Metropolitan area. Within the list farther below on the page are links for each corresponding bridge named.

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